Collaborate on a bucket list for an unforgettable group gift

birthday wish box 1

You’ve heard of bucket lists, but if you’ve worked with buckets long, you’ve figured out that they’re a little difficult to store neatly. So, whether you’re planning a birthday, anniversary or retirement party, consider a wish box! A personalized wooden box, like those bought here, is relatively easy to get your hands on, and moderately easy to make yourself. You can buy bucket list cards over here for guests to fill out and drop in the box for later storage.

birthday wish box 3
If everyone fills out an idea or two, that should keep the honoree(s) busy for quite a while. But more importantly, it’s easy to tuck a box away in a cabinet or in your luggage than it is a box. Make it waterproof and it will even survive a disastrous fishing trip, or a slightly too wild cruise.

If you want to gift something even more neatly bound, organize a collaborative memory book. Unlike a wish box, folks contribute wishes online before the party so that they have more time to think of what to write. This also works well if some people are unable to attend your event!

A stylish birthday card hung on the wall

big birthday card

Whether you are planning a birthday, anniversary or retirement party, you probably expect to see some folks bring traditional greeting cards sealed in paper envelopes. Usually they are cards from folks who found the time to prepare one in advance. Sometimes it’s an actual giant birthday card someone finds at a local convenience or party store. But hanging a giant birthday card on the wall is a little cumbersome and might look tacky. Why not hang a photograph instead?

Buy a frame with an extra-large border and center your chosen photograph in it. Provide some pens and encourage the guests to sign a note for the man or woman of the hour. In addition to proving they attended and reminding people of that in the future, the birthday child will be able to see it hanging on their wall or sitting on their table and remember friends and family.

Alternatively, go further and organize a birthday memory book filled with pictures, stories and messages from everyone. It won’t hang on the wall, but it’s a great addition to the coffee table that will get picked up over and over again.

What are party and gift ideas to celebrate my parents’ anniversary?

Is it planning time and you need some fantastic anniversary party ideas to get started? Whether you’re searching for the perfect anniversary gift for your parents or another special couple in your life, we’ve collected the best ideas out there this year to make the happy day one that everyone will remember for a very long time..
Here is a list of the Top Five and we think they’re real winners:

d111. A collaborative appreciation list from loved ones using the number of years married. For example: 40 years = “40 Things We Love About You” If this gift is designed to celebrate parents anniversary, you may choose to involve each of their children and grandchildren to create the perfect list based on each person’s special relationship with them. AncesTree offer a ready-to-go poster that they will ship to you. Alternatively, Custom Printables NY will design a board you can print yourself.

d332. Create personalized wine bottles for the special occasion. Depending on the budget for your anniversary party, you may choose to order one unique bottle for the special couple, or several to display and share among guests. There are several companies out there like Etching Expressions that offer a wide variety of options when it comes to anniversary party ideas. You can stay as simple as the anniversary year with the couple’s names, or get a bit more romantically detailed by adding their wedding photo.

d223. The Perfect Playlist. Fill the evening with celebratory tunes that are meaningful to the special couple. Ideas include songs from their wedding day and the decade surrounding it. If you’re close enough to the couple to be throwing them a party, you are undoubtedly aware of their musical preferences. If you end up running a little short on lyrical inspiration, try looking looking through any music they have in the house to add to your playlist. At the end of the celebratory occasion, present them with a CD or other preferred method of sharing the compiled music for future enjoyment and happy memories. Companies like Evermine create custom CD labels as a more creative gift option.


4. Create a decorative board breaking down the years your special couple has been married into months, days, hours and minutes spent together in matrimony. To add an even more sentimental element to this as an anniversary gift for parents, include the names of each of their children and grandchildren. Be sure to get a family photo around the board when everyone comes together to celebrate. Pinterest is full of brilliant ideas for how to make your time appreciative anniversary board.

5. Create a collaborative anniversary memory book filled with messages, stories and photos of everyone special in the lives of the couple. A site like Newlywords makes it a breeze to collect everyone’s contribution to the project. Distance doesn’t pose a problem when you can share a website that allows everyone to add photos and sentiments from anywhere. Don’t worry, you can still review and edit to make sure that this anniversary memory book for the happy couple is the perfect group album that you had in mind.

Whether your happy event is designed to celebrate your parents’ anniversary or anyone else special in your life, guarantee success with good planning and unique anniversary ideas like these!