The Best Words of Affirmation Gifts for Every Occasion

“I’m proud of you.”

“Your leadership has brought this organization to new heights.”

“Thank you for being my rock.”

If you know someone who melts when they hear these words, chances are their love language is words of affirmation. They thrive on encouragement and verbal support! But what happens when you need to find a gift for someone who simply loves…words? Understanding how someone receives love is actually one of the best clues to finding them the perfect gift. Here’s everything you need to know about love languages and how to find the best words of affirmation gift for every occasion.

What You Need to Know about Words of Affirmation 

If you’ve never heard of a “love language” then we’ve got you covered. In his 1992 book titled The 5 Love Languages, author Gary Chapman introduced the premise that everyone gives and receives love in different ways. These preferences, or love languages, are summed up in five key categories:

1. Words of Affirmation

2. Acts of Service

3. Gifts

4. Quality Time

5. Physical Touch

We experience love through all five love languages, but the idea is that one stands above the rest as our primary love language. Do you love surprising your co-workers with treats each morning (Gifts)? Do you feel the warm fuzzies when your partner unloads the dishwasher (Acts of Service)? 

While his original work was geared toward couples, the concept of the five love languages has expanded over the past 30 years to encompass every type of relationship. By understanding your own love language, and the preferences of other people in your life, you learn how to better receive, but also express love and value. 

Someone whose love language is words of affirmation loves to both share and receive encouragement using affirming words. Hearing “I love you” is like food for their soul. Finding a note on their desk telling them to “Have a great day!” or “You are appreciated!” means the world.

Not sure who in your life receives love through words of affirmation? Consider the way those around you share their appreciation. Does someone at work leave encouraging notes on your desk? Do you have a friend who often texts to remind you they value your friendship? Chances are, their love language is words of affirmation!

Once you are able to identify a person’s love language (and your own!) it becomes much easier to find the perfect gift. Whether you need a gift for a colleague, something for your best friend or spouse, or a way to say “thank you” to a volunteer, knowing their love language sets you up for gift-giving success. 

20 Best Words of Affirmation Gifts for Every Occasion

Now that you can identify who in your life has the words of affirmation love language, it’s time to find the right gift for that special occasion. Birthdays, retirements,  golden and silver anniversaries for parents, graduations, achievement awards at work or just because — there’s something out there for everyone. Let’s get started.

Affirmation Jewelry 

Affirmation jewelry is a great way to give the gift of loving words and a tangible token of your appreciation. Some examples include a bracelet engraved with your sister’s favorite quote. A necklace for a colleague that encourages them toward their goals. From custom-engraved pieces to ones that use morse code or a poem, there are so many options when it comes to the combined gift of jewelry and words of affirmation. 

A Collaborative Memory Book 

Sometimes the best words are the ones that come straight from the heart. That’s the beauty of creating a custom memory book. A memory book allows you to share your own personal photos, thoughts, stories, and encouragement all in one place. Take it up a notch by creating a collaborative memory book where an entire group (family, coworkers, friends, small group members) work together to combine their favorite memories into the perfect words of affirmation gift. Platforms like Newlywords make it easy to share access with others, upload photos, write personal messages, print, and ship a unique memory book. 

“Love Letter” Blanket

There’s nothing quite so cozy as words of affirmation on a personalized blanket! The “love letter” blanket makes a great gift for teacher appreciation week, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just a fun way to share some love with a friend. The best part is, you can handwrite the note you want to be printed on your blanket, making it extra personal. 

Group Encouragement

For those who love words of affirmation, sometimes the best gift isn’t a gift at all. It’s words! If you need a way to share some group love with a coworker, boss, pastor, or teammate — consider working together to speak words of encouragement throughout a specific day or week. For example, assign each team member a specific day of the week to either text, call, or share words of affirmation with the recipient in person. In this way, the gift of words will be showered on that person over and over throughout the week, boosting them with love and appreciation. 

A Handmade Card

Sometimes it is the simplest gift that speaks volumes when it comes to the words of affirmation love language. A handmade card with a personal message is exactly the type of present that makes your word-loving friends feel special. This applies to everyone in your life who loves to hear encouragement and affirmation. Consider skipping the store-bought card and writing your own. 

Why You Make Me Smile Journal

Don’t worry, we understand that writing from the heart can be difficult. For those who struggle with words but want to find the right way to share affirmation, this is the perfect compromise! The Why You Make Me Smile Journal offers prompts and fill-in-the-blanks to help you create a personalized journal for someone special. The instructions are pretty simple: think of a person who makes you smile, fill in the blanks, give to the person who makes you smile, and grab a tissue. 

An Engraved Watch

A watch is a popular retirement gift or a great way to celebrate Dad’s milestone birthday. For those with the words of affirmation love language, you can turn a watch into a treasured memory by adding a special engraved word, message, or quote. 

Always Remember Keychain

Sometimes the right words just seem to escape you. If that’s the case, this might be the perfect gift. This keychain comes engraved with an encouraging statement to “Always remember, you are braver than you believe…” It’s a great way to encourage a grad, a coworker, or a friend who just needs that reminder that they have what it takes. 

I Wrote a Book About You Series

This is another great fill-in-the-blanks option when you need a little help finding the right words. This book series includes options for friends, parents, and romantic relationships. The book prompts you to write things that are special about the recipient, providing an extra special dose of affirmation.

Daily Affirmation Cards

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a little bit of affirmation! These cards are daily reminders that we are loved and valued. They make a great gift for a friend or coworker, especially one who you know could use a boost of self-motivation now and again. 

Personalized Journal

It stands to reason that often those with words of affirmation love language also love to write. If that’s the case for your recipient, consider gifting them a personalized journal. Custom notebooks and journals vary in what they offer, but many options allow you to include a special quote, message, photo, and name. You can give the gift of affirmation, while also giving your recipient a place to jot down their own thoughts and words. 

Kudoboard Group Card

Need a great idea for a group gift? Kudoboard is a way to make a collaborative gift card for any situation: Mom and Dad’s 50th anniversary, a milestone birthday, retirement, and more. Your words of affirmation recipient will love receiving a digital “card” covered in photos, messages, and GIFs. Not familiar with Kudoboard? Check out these 8 alternatives. Popular collaborative greeting card options include GroupGreeting, which gives the appearance of an actual greeting card, and Recocards, a mostly free alternative.

Positive Affirmation Wall Art

Does your neighbor have a favorite quote? Maybe your newly married friend spent hours writing his vows? Now you can take those special words and turn them into wall art. From wedding vows to poems or favorite sayings, all it takes is the right words to make a great gift.  

Inspirational Coffee Mug

Sometimes all it takes is a simple mug to provide a word of affirmation! Companies like Zazzle let you create a personalized mug with a quote, phrase, or word that’s perfect for your recipient. Or if you aren’t feeling entirely creative, they also offer premade inspirational mugs (here’s one of our personal favorites). 

Motivational Planter

Do you know someone who loves words of affirmation and plants? Combine the best of both worlds with a motivational planter. These can range from sentimental to absolutely hilarious, depending on your recipient. While some come pre-potted with a plant, others are empty so you can find the perfect plant to go with the motivational quote. 

A Handwritten Letter

For someone who thrives on words of affirmation, there’s really only one thing better than a handwritten note or letter: a handwritten letter sent through the mail. Hardly anyone uses snail mail anymore, which is all the more reason to consider writing a heartfelt message — for a loved one’s birthday, a milestone celebration, or a thank you — and sending it through the mail. 

Affirmation Desk Calendar

Maybe it’s just us, but it seems like work is a really great place to provide encouragement. This is especially true if any of your coworkers have words of affirmation as their love language! Since they likely spend a fair amount of time at their desk, consider getting them an encouraging desk calendar. These come in all shapes and sizes and offer some great daily inspiration and wordy wisdom. 

A Giving Key

The Giving Keys is a company that stamps keys with encouraging words. The keys are made into everything from necklaces and earrings to keychains. The idea is that you give someone a key with a word that is significant for their season of life. They are then encouraged to “pay it forward” by eventually giving their key to someone else who needs the word more than they do. This is a fantastic gift for your words of affirmation friend, coworker, or loved one. Not only will they feel cherished and known, but they will get the opportunity to do what they do best: share a word of encouragement with someone else. 

Encouragement Jar

This is a great way to spread some love and encouragement around the office or workplace. And it doesn’t need to be a gift for only those with words of affirmation love language. We all need some encouragement now and then. Put a jar in a common area and give everyone 2-5 strips of paper. Each person should write a positive quote, words of encouragement, or a fun message on the papers. Place them in the jar and let everyone in the office grab an encouraging word when they need it. They can either read it and place it back in the jar, or keep it and replace it with a new word or quote. In this way, the jar keeps on giving. While everyone will love it, we promise your affirmation-loving colleagues will feel all kinds of special because of this simple jar. 

Message Board

A fun way to share encouragement with anyone from your kids to your coworkers is using a simple whiteboard. Whether it’s hanging on a bedroom or office door, or outside a cubicle, the whiteboard is a great space to leave little notes of encouragement and appreciation. For a more personalized look, consider a custom message board.

Make Your Loved One Feel Special with the Gift of Words

The five love languages offer incredibly helpful language when it comes to understanding how we give and receive love. There may be times your words of affirmation friend also needs quality time or simply needs help around the home, but at the end of the day, they get the biggest boost of love from words. 
There are so many ways to shower someone with the encouragement they deserve, whether it’s a simple handwritten note or a collaborative card or memory book. If your loved one thrives on words, imagine them opening a book designed entirely for them — full of affirmation, memories, and messages of appreciation. A collaborative memory book that speaks directly to their heart. However you choose to show them your love, remember, at the end of the day, it’s the words of affirmation that speak louder than any other gift.

How To Plan And Throw A Retirement Party

Hard work deserves to be celebrated! One of the best ways to celebrate retirement is with a party. But if party planning feels overwhelming, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes all it takes is a quick guide and some inspiration to throw that perfect celebration. Honor your retiree with a bit of hoopla and fun by following these top tips on planning a retirement party.

Start With Your Budget 

Every party starts with a budget. Determining how much you can (and should) spend on a retirement party helps make every other decision that much easier. Here are just a few things to consider when putting your budget in place:

  • Where the party will take place (venue) and associated costs
  • Food (formal or informal catering vs. potluck style)
  • Decorations
  • Invitations (digital, printed, mailing costs)
  • Games and activities
  • Entertainment
  • Equipment rental costs
  • Number of guests

Before diving into the finer details of your event, take a moment to decide who will help cover the event’s costs and how much everyone is willing to chip in. Once your final budget is in place, choosing that perfect venue and retirement cake will be a breeze.

Formal or Surprise?

The type of retirement party you plan to throw also influences your budget and party planning decisions. Does the guest of honor love big, vibrant celebrations? Are they introverted and avoid being the center of attention? 

Who you’re celebrating, as well as the company and role they are retiring from, play an important role in the type of party you plan. The two main types of retirement parties are formal and surprise parties. 

Surprise parties are great for those who simply love a good celebration (and a good surprise). If you aren’t sure what your guest of honor would like, check in with their loved ones and closest friends. Consider your company’s established traditions when throwing a retirement party for your colleague. Perhaps a formal luncheon at a local restaurant, a fancy dinner with close colleagues, or a midday office party are the favored methods of celebration.  

Create a Guest List & Decide on The Mode of Invitation

Now you’re in the fun part of planning and throwing a retirement party! It’s time to create that guest list! The big decisions are made, and you can focus on the finer details. 

Guests lists are influenced by the size and type of retirement party you are planning, but here are a few important people to consider, including: 

  • Direct colleagues, employers, and work friends
  • Past colleagues and employers who have remained close friends
  • Spouse, family, and friends from outside of work

Retirement is a huge milestone; your guest of honor’s loved ones will undoubtedly want to be involved! For smaller, formal luncheons, it’s okay to simply include the retiree’s spouse and closest colleagues. Larger parties are an excellent opportunity to expand the guest list to include children, past bosses, and friends from outside of work or from past jobs.

Decide on Date & Venue

The time and venue of your retirement party set the tone for the celebration. Spend time considering the retiree’s likes and dislikes and discussing timing with their spouse and family.

It is considered good practice to host a retirement party on or just after the date of retirement. Too early, and the retiree’s final days at work can feel anticlimactic. Too late, and they will already be on to their next adventure (that long-awaited European vacation, perhaps?).

Choose a venue that matches the essence of your theme (if you have one) or simply the vibe of your party. Going for a casual summer retirement party? Consider an outdoor venue that allows your guests to enjoy summer games and sun. Aiming for a formal and intimate surprise party? Do some sleuthing with friends and family to find the guest of honor’s favorite fancy restaurant.

What About The Menu?

Let the venue, theme, and type of retirement party help direct your menu. If you’re throwing a travel-themed party, try matching the cuisine to some of the retiree’s favorite destinations.

Some venues (such as country clubs and restaurants) will cater the event to your specifications. For other venues, such as a private home or public park, consider either catering or cooking some of the retiree’s favorite foods. There is no right or wrong answer regarding a retirement party menu. Just be sure to end your menu with a slice of cake or a retirement-themed dessert!

Party Decoration

Part of the fun of planning a retirement party is picking a theme that fits the retiree. While not every party needs a theme, having one helps you decide on party decor. 

Some fan favorite retirement party themes include travel (or a specific destination such as Paris or Hawaii), golf, books (for the bookworm, of course), garden tea party, or even a specific decade (disco, anyone?). A theme based on the retiree’s hobbies, goals, or career is a great place to start!

The theme will also influence whether you’re throwing a formal soiree or an informal shindig. Hawaiian BBQ probably won’t jive with your private dinner party, so keep that in mind.

Ultimately, have fun with it! Focus on decor that also works well with your theme and venue. Wine bottles labeled with “Party like there’s no work tomorrow!” add some humor to any retirement party theme. For the lighthearted retiree, funny banners, buttons, and decor with a fun tagline go a long way in making your retirement party a success.

Other Ideas Around a Retirement Party

You’re off to a great start planning the ultimate retirement party! Here are just a few ideas to incorporate during the big event.

Emphasize Speeches

Take some time during the retirement party to give speeches honoring the retiree. For larger parties, assign this task to a few significant people in advance, such as a boss, spouse, or close colleagues.

Walk Down The Memory Lane

Nothing says retirement quite like a walk down memory lane. Take time to share the significant moments and memories from the retiree’s career. This can be done with a photo slideshow, a video, or a collaborative memory book. Memory books are a great way to include the entire office and family members, giving everyone a chance to share their favorite memories.

A Creative Cake

Don’t forget the dessert! Every party needs a cake (or at least something sweet to celebrate). Consider getting a cake that matches your theme or the retiree’s career. Some ideas include a gavel for the retiring judge, a map of the retiree’s first travel destination, or even a simple cake with your favorite quote or office joke.

Have Games & Other Fun Activities

Games are a great way to keep your guests entertained while emphasizing your party theme. For the backyard BBQ, include some cornhole, bocce, or volleyball. For a more formal affair, icebreaker games that can be played around a dinner table are a great option. For larger events, consider music and dancing to keep your guests energized and having fun.

Build The Party Around the Hobbies of the Retiree

Hobbies are a great source of inspiration when planning a retirement party. If you aren’t familiar with your retiree’s hobbies, consider asking their spouse or family for some ideas. Hobbies such as golf, gardening, boating, and travel make great foundations for a retirement party.

Commemorate The Retiree

Be sure to schedule some time at the party to honor and commemorate the retiree. This can take the form of speeches or can be a separate time where a specific person takes a moment to share some of the retiree’s accomplishments. This is also a great time to give the retiree a group gift. 

Give a Retirement Gift

Gifts are always a great idea! Common retirement gifts include engraved items (like pens, clocks, or frames), hobby-specific goods, gift cards, and books. A Newlywords memory book makes a unique gift for something a little more personal. It is both personal and custom, a gift the retiree can return to again and again to relive fond memories. 

A Fun, Lighthearted Playlist

Did we mention music? There are plenty of options for adding some good sounds to your retirement party. Hire a DJ, hire a band, or simply put together a fun and memorable playlist to play in the background.

Set Up a Photo Booth

One way to capture all the fun memories from the day is to set up a photo booth. You can either rent a booth or make a DIY version. Whichever way you go, when you plan your retirement party, be sure to include plenty of themed props!

Consider Doing Some Charity

For the conscientious retiree, make their party unique with an element of charity. If your retiree volunteers time or money to a specific charity, consider including charity work in the party. This can take the form of hands-on volunteer time before the festivities. It can also take the form of an auction, game, or competition at the party that raises funds for that charity.

Send Your Colleague and Loved One Out The Right Way!

It’s party time! Now that you’re a pro at party planning, it’s time to plan the perfect retirement party. Every retiree deserves a celebration, and your party will surely be a big hit. Your colleague is sure to feel honored and celebrated when you send them into their next season of life with a personal, well-thought-out event.

Help Employees Get to Know Their Team

Truly effective employee onboarding takes a year. While there are specific parts to onboarding that happen in the first week and months, having a year of onboarding is important for greater employee retention. Especially in today’s great resignation, making sure employees feel connected to your business and have opportunities for advancement is key to keeping them on your team.

Getting to know your team, from both new and existing employee standpoints, is an important aspect of onboarding. This article will discuss why you need smooth onboarding, how to facilitate team building and effective ways to do both.

Smooth Onboarding Sets The Pace and Vibe

Did you know that employees that are engaged with the company are 87% less likely to leave? Also, 1 in 10 employees left new jobs due to poor onboarding experiences, not to mention that in 2018, companies lost a total of $617 million from job turnover.

Smooth onboarding is the key to employee retention and company success. Onboarding does many things for your business, including:

  • Making sure new employees have the resources they need;
  • Letting employees get to know your company;
  • Helping team members get to know one another;
  • Giving career advancement opportunities;
  • Increasing productivity by 54%;
  • Saving the company money;
  • Helping your business run its best.

Even though a Kronos study concluded that onboarding programs that last longer result in better companies and better employees, 22% don’t even have an onboarding program – which means there’s no better time to prioritize this for your business!

First Things First: “Get To Know Your Team” – Employee Profile Book!

Did you know that many new hires will begin looking for another job in their first 45 days to 6 months? That’s why onboarding well, and for an entire year, is important.

A major part of effective onboarding is getting to know the team. This includes much more than simple introductions, because only doing introductions leaves so much to chance. People may forget names quickly, and fast intros don’t help people know who they can rely on, who to ask questions to or who they’ll work with the best. It also doesn’t help to foster a community of teamwork.

Here are some reasons why teamwork is important for teams (whether they’re in-house, remote or hybrid):

  • Fosters collaboration – it spreads positive and motivational energy when people work together to achieve common goals;
  • According to a study by the University of Florida, team building effectively improves business outcomes;
  • Helps leaders emerge more strongly;
  • Shows employees they’re appreciated;
  • Creates employee relationships so your team can grow together, not to mention having people they look forward to working with.

So, how do you help new hires get to know their new team? The first part of your strategy is introductions. While intros are important, people can still forget names and info due to the overwhelming amount of information they’ll be getting starting the new job. They also don’t get all the information they need about their teammates in the short time you’ll have to introduce them.

Here are two main ways you can help people get to know their co-workers:

1. Introduction “get-to-know-you” books from Newlywords. These give team members a reference to who people are at any given time, and helps them get to know the team better, as it can include more information and photos;

2. Team building activities, which foster actual bonds between co-workers.

You Should Facilitate Team Building Straight Away!

Any company knows that its most valuable resource is its employees. Finding, and then retaining, talented and motivated people can make or break a company’s successes and failures.

How does a company conduct effective team building today, when many workers are remote, people are resigning all over the place, and 31% of employees aren’t into “team-building activities”?

The key is to look at your intention before you plan your strategy and possible activities. If you’re going to foster a positive and collaborative work environment, the leadership has to be first, and it has to be part of your company culture. Many people want more flexibility and purpose in their jobs, so if you want to keep these intelligent, self-assured workers, you need to think about how to shift the way things are done and be open-minded to change.

Here are a few ways to begin generating company culture change so you can effectively implement team-building practices for new hires:

  1. Get clear on what kind of environment you want to promote and make sure you’re modeling and facilitating it yourself – in other words, be the example your employees can follow.
  1. Survey your current employees. Ask them about their experience, how they view the collaborative spirit, and how you’re doing at leading. Ask how their onboarding experience was and how it can be improved.
  1. Also ask employees what they want from you in terms of today’s shift in employee expectations. Get honest feedback, then make changes to what you’re offering new hires. With this, you’ll want to make sure you have systems in place to ensure you reach your goals.

Team Building Practices for New Recruits

What are the best team building practices that HR managers should follow? Here’s a list of best practices and ideas:

Make the activities convenient and enjoyable for employees.

Make team-building events as easy for employees to join and enjoy as possible. When planning team-building, you’ll want to:

  • Make it during work hours so everyone can attend;
  • Make it collaborative so people work together;
  • Make sure every team member can participate: it must be accessible to everyone. This means considering remote workers, as well as, for instance, not making it about sports unless your team is entirely sports-oriented and fit;
  • If you’re going to do something together and out-of-office, make sure you cover costs and transportation for employees;
  • Make sure to clearly communicate the goals and purpose of what you’re doing with all employees;
  • Ask employees for their opinions and feedback before and after the event.

Use the opportunity to create an improved day-to-day work environment.

This isn’t meant to be a one-time thing to half-heartedly make a show of change, but then not to actually change. Don’t do something you can’t deliver on in the longer-term. Make this about implementation of permanent work environment changes.

This doesn’t need to be complicated. Make sure you have a clear focus – like on teamwork and relationship-building – and make sure you:

  • Do activities that generate teamwork with a common goal;
  • Reward teams, as opposed to individuals to drive home the idea;
  • Make sure employees feel like members of a team rather than slaves or people working for a taskmaster – give them some skin in the game, and/or change the way you do things in meetings, for instance;
  • Make sure people are communicating any issues, places for improvement, etc. so you know how to improve.

Do some activities.

These shouldn’t be too cliche, and should involve everyone, regardless of external factors. Some ideas are:

  • A scavenger hunt. Let employees work together to find things in the office, or online if it involves remote workers;
  • Schedule a virtual team-building event (like a Race Around the World or International Food Tour);
  • Work to foster inter-departmental relationships and collaboration by letting people work together who don’t always get to;
  • Schedule a team-building activity once every few months at least so people can look forward to it;
  • Show employee appreciation by giving gifts, like products or experiences, that add value to the people who help your company run.

Bottom Line

Every organization needs proper onboarding for the company to run smoothly, but many aren’t doing any onboarding at all! Because onboarding includes getting to know the team, you’ll also need to implement team building strategies that foster a work environment people want to be in; this helps dramatically increase employee retention, which is needed now more than ever, it seems.
A great first step to improving employee onboarding and helping people get to know their team members is giving them a book to help them get to know everyone, that has photos, team memories and company information to help them feel welcome – because your employees are your ticket to a successful business!

How To Make A Tribute Memory Book (A-Z)

Creating a tribute memory book is a wonderful way to honor a loved one who has passed on because memories and stories are a therapeutic way to look back on good times and let that person stay close in our hearts.

In a memory book, you can include photos with stories, quotes, memorabilia and more that make that person special. You can also let people contribute their own content and send copies for a collaborative memorial everyone can share.

Here’s how to make a tribute memory book.

1. Collect Pictures, Memories, Messages

Start by collecting material for the book. You’ll want photos, stories, messages and memorabilia from the people who knew and loved the person who passed. Here’s what you’ll need:

Consider Who’ll Contribute

Start by making a list of family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else that may want to contribute to the book so you don’t miss anyone, and so no one feels left out.

Make sure you include people from every facet of your loved one’s life. For instance, if they went to a religious organization, or if they were involved in a professional organization, they probably have friends in those places. If they frequented a diner with friends, ask the friends and the people who work in the diner. Think about everything they did, the people they might have impacted and give those people an outlet to share memories – it will help them, and it will be beneficial to you as you grieve to hear these stories about your loved one.

Email or otherwise contact the people on the list and ask them for the following things for the book, or anything they’d like to contribute. You can have them send emails with information, they can mail things or you can meet with them in person or video chat. They can also put files on a flash drive or on the cloud to share digitally.

Collect Photos That Matter

When you contact the people on your list, tell them to send any and all photos they can. Also find photos to which you have access.

Then, choose the photos that show stories, bring back good memories or tell the life story of the deceased. Photos of their experiences, family and friends, vacations, milestones, and more are great options to include, since you won’t be able to include every photo.

If you have photos that are well-worn or need improvements, you can edit them in a program like Photoshop to fix lighting, sharpness and coloring, or use a service like MyHeritage to fix or add color to old photos.

Share & Record Memories

Next, write and record memories of your loved one. Write your own stories and get people to share stories with you. This can be through writing (email or letters), or digital recordings (you can transcribe the audio). Recording stories is a great way to get them from older family members who may not be as tech-savvy, but anyone can record stories to get their entire point of view in the narrative if they’d rather not write.

Include Messages from Family & Friends

Besides memories in the form of stories, family and friends can add messages for the deceased, or for the family if the book is a gift. This gives people a chance to say what they would want the loved one that has passed on to know, and it can be therapeutic, plus it can help readers of the memory book in their own grieving process.

Think of Their Favorite Things

Did your loved one have a talent, career or hobby that they loved? Share it in the book! Whether they were an artist, gardener, dancer or something else, include photos and/or examples of their work. If your grandpa was a joker, write out some of his jokes and include them (possibly with images), or even artwork someone else created of your loved one, like a caricature or portrait.

If the person you’re commemorating had favorite artists, musicians, places they loved or movies, you can also include those in the book to remember their favorite things and memories associated with those things. If they were a part of a fundraising committee for charity, owned a business or something else, include memorabilia from those as well.

2. Visualize The Book & Organize Accordingly

After collecting all the materials, the next step is to look at what you’ve collected and decide how and in what sequence to organize the book. This could be a timeline or have varying sections with the different aspects of life you want to remember.

Figure Out The Structure & Sequence of Things

The first step is figuring out the structure and sequence of the materials. You can organize the book as a timeline, by specific events like milestones, or with groups like family, friends, church group, book club, travel, and things of that nature.

Next, make sure you have all the information you need for each section. Get dates, locations, and names of people for all photos. Gather stories and information on each section to include in the book.

Design Page Layouts

If you’re designing the book digitally, choose a program for page layouts, like Adobe InDesign, and either use templates or design your own layouts. Consider:

  • Themes to fit the subject matter of the page and/or sections;
  • Page margin size;
  • Page composition – how many photos on each page, what size should they be and where will they be placed?
  • Text for each page – how much, where it goes and fonts/sizes;
  • Background colors, patterns or images;
  • Borders for photos, including shapes;
  • Additional design elements, like if you’re going to include photos of things like handwritten recipes or type them out.

Format Correctly

Make sure you’re formatting text and photos correctly, meaning that file type and size is correct, and that everything is in the right place. Make sure the book itself is formatted in the right file type for printing (usually pdf).

3. Printing The Book

The next step is printing the book. You have some options:

  • There are services that will print out everything and bind it in a book format for you, like at Staples;
  • Some services let you design the book on the same platform where it gets printed;
  • A service like Newlywords lets you make the whole process collaborative, so you can avoid handling all the files and inputting all the information yourself – people put in their own photos, text and memories, and you can edit and print all on the same website.

The process of printing a memory tribute book can get complicated, and the outcome might not come out great if you’re trying to execute this step alone. It can be a great weight off your shoulders to choose a professional platform that takes the work off of you for your own peace of mind to know it’s high quality, error-free and of lasting quality.

4. Creating a Scrapbook (If You Want to Do it Yourself)

If you want to make a scrapbook yourself, you’ll need to follow the above steps. Then, you’ll need to organize everything how you want it on each page, print out the pages and combine them into a book.

You can make your scrapbook as DIY as you want, from designing it all online and getting it printed, or placing pages in a book or binder with scrapbook pages you can buy from a craft store that you glue photos and memorabilia onto yourself.

You may also want to consider how many copies you’ll need. If you only want one book, you can use any of the above methods, but if you want copies to give to family and friends, it may be a better option to print the book since it’s more easily reproducible and won’t take as much time to finish and send out to people.

Alternatively, Take Professional Help

Everything we’ve talked about so far is a normal part of the process of making a memory book to pay tribute to a loved one. However, getting professional help can be easier than having to gather everyone’s photos and stories, organize and format them yourself, print them out and create the book, all of which can be incredibly time-consuming, uncertain and possibly frustrating.

Today, services exist that make it easy to make a memory book where people have direct access to the book to add their own information. Plus, it doesn’t take the final control from you – you can still edit, add and refine as much as you need to before printing the final product. When the book is printed, it’s done in a professional, hard-cover format that can be prominently displayed on coffee tables or wherever to be admired for years to come.

This is why Newlywords decided to make memory books easier for people – they automate the entire process so it’s easy to create tribute memory books without the fuss. You just send out the book access to people on your list, they add their memories, and you check it over to edit as needed and order your copies.

Bottom Line

Losing a loved one is never easy, but remembering them can bring you joy in times of grief. Tribute memory books are an amazing way to bring a smile to your face when you’re missing someone, and a great way to combine memories from everyone who knew the person. Helping everyone share memories, and knowing all these people have a copy of the stories, photos and memorabilia important to that special person, makes something sad become a way people can connect and share. Memory books let that person live on through their family, friends and stories. If you’re looking to make a collaborative tribute memory book, be sure to check out Newlywords and see if it’s a good fit for you!

8 Kudoboard Alternatives

Looking to find a kudoboard alternative? We have you covered with this list of companies that offer a variety of ways to send digital (and physical, if you want) messages, collaboratively.

These options have similarities, but each offers unique qualities the others may not – like incorporating video and/or audio, letting people use their own handwriting, and even making a book that the recipient can cherish forever!

Read on to discover what’s out there for collaborative well-wishes, and then choose which one best fits your purposes.

What is Kudoboard Used For?

Kudoboard is used to digitally replace group greeting cards that are used for special occasions. You know, the kind that everyone in the office, family or other group passes around and signs.

Kudoboard takes the group greeting card to a whole new level by allowing people to post pictures and videos along with their messages, similar to social media. The board can be scheduled for a delivery time and downloaded as a printable pdf.

Are You Looking for Alternatives to Kudoboard?

While Kudoboard offers many excellent features, there are alternatives that are worth comparing before you make a decision to see which is best for your purposes.

We’ll get right to the point: the number one Kudoboard alternative, in our opinion, is Newlywords, which allows you to make a group memory book and gives more options than Kudoboard. Read on for more details about Newlywords plus other top alternatives to compare so you can decide for yourself. Let’s get to it!

Top 8 Kudoboard Alternatives


Newlywords is a collaborative memory book company that does more than a greeting card; it lets you create a truly meaningful gift that someone can treasure for years to come.

Both Newlywords and Kudoboards allow for collaboration in gifts that include a message and memories. The main difference between the two is that Newlywords focuses on physical memory books, whereas Kudoboard is focused on digital greeting cards.

Newlywords was made with the intention that people will have a tangible book to look at whenever they want, so there are more possibilities for design, layout and more.

The 6 main benefits of Newlywords over Kudoboards:

1) Privacy of messages: Only the recipient sees all the messages in Newlywords. In Kudoboard, everyone in the group sees the messages.

2) Newlywords is focused on hardcover book keepsakes while kudoboard is focused on a digital experience.

3) More options for book sizes: While Kudoboard offers either a poster or 7×7 book, Newlywords offers 8×8 or 12×12 books.

4) Newlywords has a high variety of templates for different types of content, specific to various special events like birthdays, retirements, anniversaries and more. Kudoboard has backgrounds for templates.

5) No-stress pricing: Instead of picking a pricing category first, Newlywords lets you make your book without using your credit card until the end when you see who all has contributed, and then you can see how much it costs and tweak as needed. Kudoboards allows a free miniboard that can be upgraded.

6) With Newlywords, you’re in control of your book’s layout. You can make collages, combine messages that are shorter into the same page, edit and reorder contributions and pages, and download a pdf immediately while you wait for your book to arrive. You can reorder and organize with Kudoboards, but there’s less design control overall.

Group Greeting

Group Greeting is similar to Kudoboard in that it replaces a physical card with digital for passing around the group. It’s unique because it’s like a traditional card with writing – it lets you choose fonts and place messages on the card like a real card, but with multiple pages for messages, photos and stickers.

Group Greeting is a great card replacement for remote workers and far-away friends, as it’s focused on being digital – the company plants trees as they work to save paper, though you do get a pdf download you can print.

Payment is required for either individual cards or plans, which is like Kudoboard. Plans are based on how many cards you want in an annual subscription (cards do not roll over and you’ll have to buy a new plan each year), and you always get unlimited pages for every card.

Group Together

Group Together is a collaborative digital greeting card company similar to Kudoboard, but with a twist: You can have people give money towards a physical gift or gift card of your choosing, and there’s an option to send some of the money to a charity of your choice.

Group Together is an Australian company, so some of the options are available specifically for people living in Australia, like experiences in the country. There also may be more shipping fees for some of the gifts if you live outside the country.

It’s free to make the card and collect money. The only fee is incurred for withdrawing the funds instead of using them directly for a gift. The card is more simple, with a photo on the front and messages people add (everyone doesn’t get to add their own photo), and you can print out the card yourself if you’d like.

Group Greets

Group Greets lets you create digital eCards that are slideshows, photo montages and videos. They use AI for editing so you don’t have to edit yourself. They have 9 templates you can choose from. 

You can have unlimited contributors and length so people can add photos, videos and messages. Group Greets has a fee, and you can select your occasion, type of card, and background. There are additional customizations you can add for more fees.

Ella Card

Ella Card is similar to Kudoboard in that it lets you send both collaborative eCards and videos. Everyone can add text, photos, gifs and video. Choose your desired card from available designs or design your own card, send the link out and people add messages.

Unlike Kudoboard, but similar to Group Together, Ella Card lets you send group gift cards from a variety of merchants. You can also buy these in groups for employee rewards. Like Group Greets, the videos don’t require editing, but editing tools are available, like cropping and length adjustments.

Pricing is determined by the number of recipients – the first 25 are free. Companies and organizations can get discounts.


Wishyoo is similar to Kudoboard, but is unique in that it lets people sign the cards in their own handwriting, or they can type their message. People can add voices, photos and gifs. There’s also an option for an infinity poster if you have more people than can fit into the card.

You can add gifts and donations to the cards. For individuals cards are priced per card, and you get 50% off after your 5th card. For companies, you can purchase cards individually, pay less per card if you get a 50 card bundle, or purchase a monthly plan.

Like Kudoboard, you can choose to digitally send this card or download a pdf and print it yourself.


Recocards is mostly free, and you can create collaborative memory cards for any occasion, much like Kudoboard. People can add photos and gifs to the fully customizable cards, and you can add a gift.

You can send the cards digitally and download printable pdfs. They don’t yet have video or audio messages, but those features are coming soon.

You get unlimited free cards with Recocards, and there’s a premium membership with a low fee for premium images, high quality pdfs, and more.

Send Wish Online

Send Wish Online is aimed specifically at office group greeting cards, and is similar to Kudoboard in that everyone can add their own photo, gif or video, and the card can be played as a slideshow with music you choose.

You can add logos, upload an excel file and automatically schedule cards to be sent. There’s a portal so you can manage eCards in bulk if you want to have these going all year for everyone’s birthday, for instance.

Send Wish offers free digital invitation cards for events you can design yourself. These cards are primarily digital like Kudoboard, but you can still download pdfs and print yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kudoboard Alternatives

Is There a Free Version of Kudoboard?

Yes, Kudoboard has a free option, which is their miniboards, which include up to 10 posts and can be upgraded if needed.

Do Kudoboards Last Forever?

Yes, but you have to unlock the image for downloading for your Kudoboard to last forever. You can also continue to edit the Kudoboard forever and print the most recent design at no cost added.

How Do You Make a Kudoboard?

First, you go to the website and click “Create a Kudoboard”, where you’ll add the recipient’s name and title, and then your email address. You can add additional recipients if needed, and choose what kind of board you want (mini, premium, milestone etc). If you choose a paid board, you’ll enter your payment details in the next step.

Next, choose a background and add it to your board. Then, choose “add a Kudo” to add your own message, photo, video and/or gif. Then, you can schedule the board for delivery.

Next, invite collaborators by adding their emails or sending the link to potential contributors, adding on Facebook and more.


We hope this article helps you compare the various collaborative greeting companies out there that are similar to Kudoboards, if you’re looking for an alternative. Of course, we’re biased and think Newlywords is amazing, but we also think you should find the company that best fits your needs, so you can let your people know you care about them on every special occasion!

75 Thoughtful Gifts for Mom on Their Birthday

Moms who do the most, deserve the most. If your mom, or a mom you know is having a birthday, it’s an excellent time to find a thoughtful gift that shows how much you care about her! Mom’s birthday is a time when she gets to be showered with attention, so make the most of it. Read on for a list of 75 ideas of birthday gifts for mom and find the one that best fits the mom you’ll be celebrating.

Make Your Mother’s Birthday Special

There are many ways to make mom’s birthday special along with gifts to go the extra mile, which she’s sure to love! Making the entire day special can include:

  • Cooking her favorite breakfast. She’ll love getting spoiled with her favorite meal first thing in the morning!
  • Take her to places she loves. Whether this means going to her favorite restaurant, nature spot, or shopping, help her spend the day in a way she’ll enjoy.
  • Give the gift of self-care. This can be a spa treatment, a haircut, acupuncture or a beach day. She deserves a day of rest and relaxation!
  • The birthday celebration: Small or large, surprise or planned… you know her best! Make sure to include cake and candles, her favorite drink and food and gifts to make it a proper birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes for Mother

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Along with the gift for mom’s birthday comes the card, which is another challenge in and of itself. Here are some ideas of birthday wishes to get you started:

General wishes:

  • Use your favorite nickname for your mom.
  • Think about creative and flattering descriptions of your mom’s personality, and use those. Examples: loving, funny, classy.
  • Write what you wish for your mom for the coming year – good health, happiness, or that trip she’s dreaming of.

Funny wishes:

  • Use inside jokes you and mom share.
  • “Thanks for not telling the others I’m your favorite child!” or “Happy birthday from your favorite child (I know I don’t need to sign because you know who I am)!”
  • “Stop aging so gracefully! I can’t measure up to these standards.”
  • Joke about being the perfect child.

Loving wishes:

  • Write about special memories – “I love that time we…” “I’ll always treasure the memory of…”
  • “Thank you for being…” (the best ____, there for me always, etc.)
  • “You taught me to…”
  • “Cheers to…”
  • Write your hopes and wishes for mom.

75 Outstanding Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

A Photo Collage of Friends and Family

A collage from Zazzle is something she can treasure and hang on the wall, so it won’t just sit around. She’s sure to appreciate a high-quality collage of photos of people she loves.

An Indoor Plant

Does your mom love indoor plants? How much does she know about caring for plants? You can buy indoor plants for every skill level, so whether or not you know if your mom has a plant she wants, you can browse this list of suggestions and find one she’s sure to love.

A Personalized Memory Book for Mother

Get all the family – or siblings, friends, or work colleagues – together to collaborate on a memory book. Mom will get something she can look at over and over for years to come, whenever she wants a boost. The good news is, you don’t have to be in charge of much beyond letting people know and checking over the book, because everyone gets to contribute their messages and photos directly.

A Versatile Dutch oven

For the mom who loves to cook, or the mom who doesn’t love it and needs anything to make it easier, a cast-iron dutch oven in her favorite color is a perfect idea. She can marinate, refrigerate, cook and serve all in this dish that also keeps the heat of the food.

Coffee Subscription Box

For the mom who loves her morning joe, make sure she never runs out – and that she gets high-quality beans – with a coffee subscription box from Trade. They’ll create matches based on what she loves and you can customize delivery frequency and size. Once mom gets this in her life, she’ll never be bored with her coffee!

A Timeless Engraved Pocket Watch

Since your mom needs to tell the time anyway, why not help her check it in style? Nothing says class like a quality engraved pocket watch that can become an heirloom! Your mom will love that you’re giving her something that can be passed through the family.

A Cozy Weighted Blanket To Snuggle In

Give your mom the gift of a good nights’ sleep with a weighted blanket. This number one bestseller can be used with or without a duvet, so it can fit with any bedding, plus you can choose from a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

An Electric Kettle for Mom’s Tea

Give your mom a new, or upgraded, electric kettle that lets you set your exact temperature. It also has a keep warm option, built-in mineral build-up prevention and a memory function, so mom’s tea never has to be the wrong temperature again.

A Reversible Yoga Mat for Mom

If your mom does any exercise at home, a fun reversible yoga mat is the perfect gift because it will let her get more use than a one-sided mat, plus you can choose colors and designs she’ll love. This Gaiam reversible yoga mat is an excellent choice that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

A Pendant To Hold Dear To Her Heart

If your mom loves jewelry and family, get her an initial pendant like these from GLDN. You can choose her initials, or do a charm for each child with their initial and a heart charm, and choose your mom’s favorite type of metal. She’ll feel loved throughout each day when she wears this.

A Kindle Paperwhite For Moms That Love To Read

If your mom is always reading, the Kindle Paperwhite is the best way for her to have her books everywhere she goes. It uses screen technology like paper, so it’s not a strain on the eyes. Plus, the brightness level and text size can be adjusted. She can have as many books as she wants on every vacation and outing so she’ll never be bored.

A Custom Gift Basket of All Her Favorite Treats

Why not give mom more of what you already know she loves? Whether it’s wine, macarons, cake pops or charcuterie, you can get her a basket full of her favorite treats from Harry and David.

A Masterclass Subscription for Mom

Help your mom learn a new skill, or get better at one, whether it’s a hobby, for work or a dream business with a subscription to Masterclass. We never stop learning, and if your mom is the curious type she’s sure to love it!

A KitchenAid And Various Accessories

KitchenAids are the envy of most people who bake, so why not give your mom who bakes a KitchenAid that will last for years? Choose the one that’s perfect for her and then add accessories for things like grating to make it even more special.

A Clutch Keepsake Purse for Moms On-The-Go

Get mom a clutch that she can keep her phone and keys in that also has a photo of your choice in the lining! That way, she can have a keepsake and special photo wherever she goes.

A Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Help mom get her morning coffee fix with a top-rated cold brew coffee maker, which makes less acidic coffee than traditional brewing. This one is durable and BPA-free, and keeps grounds out of the brew. It can also make hot coffee and fits in most fridge doors.

An Apple Watch

Make mom’s life easier with an Apple Watch. She can answer calls and texts, use the calculator, check her heart rate and ECG, and much more with this small watch. Plus, you can choose a watch band that fits her personality.

A Mini Espresso Machine

Whether it’s to save kitchen counter space, price, or for traveling for on-the-go moms, she’s sure to love a mini espresso machine like the Picopresso. She’ll become an expert barista in no time.

A New Pair of Running Shoes For Active Moms

For the mom who’s an actual runner, gym goer, or just errand-runner, get her high-quality running shoes to keep her going in comfort for longer. Brooks has some of the best running shoes on the market for serious runners.

A Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

If your mom dries her hair, upgrade her hair dryer with Revlon’s popular one-step hair dryer and volumizer that styles and dries in just one step, reduces frizz and hair damage and adds volume and smoothness.

A Custom Candle To Make Her Cozy At Home

Get mom a candle that won’t be harmful for her health with these all-natural soy wax candles. Choose from a variety of fragrances to help mom relax and unwind.

A Shiny New Set of Gardening Tools

For the gardening mom, get her a high-quality set of tools to keep her gardening in style and make sure she has everything she needs. This gardening tool set has 12 pieces with comfortable gripping handles.

A Customized Bracelet for Mom

Customize mom’s bracelet with your own note, in your own handwriting (or the kids’) with these bracelets from Caitlyn Minimalist in the metal of your choice. She’ll have a keepsake she can wear and treasure for years to come.

The Always Pan To Reduce Kitchen Clutter

Help mom with the dishes and cooking with the Always Pan that replaces 8 traditional cookware types. She can cook pretty much anything in this pan, so no more banging around in the pan drawer or not being able to find the exact one she needs.

A Top-Of-The-Line Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

Make sure your mom never has to vacuum again with Roomba, which now works with Alexa voice control. This small robotic vacuum knows how to avoid objects, allows scheduling for cleaning at specific times, continuously learns your home to get better, and self-empties.

A Hammock For Relaxing Outside

Give mom the gift of relaxation with a durable eno hammock that fits two people, so you can join her. It can be used wherever you can find study trees, so whether you’re in the yard or camping, mom will be set to chill.

Lululemon Leggings for Comfort On-The-Go

For the mom that loves to train, or just loves athleisure, she’ll definitely flip over Lululemon leggings. There are various colors and styles, so choose one that fits hers.

A Luxurious Designer Bag

If your mom has designer handbag dreams, why not give her the bag she wants for her birthday? Ask her what her coveted brand and style is, or pick something that fits her style and include a gift receipt. Shops like Nordstrom have various brands and styles to choose from.

House Slippers for Ultimate Comfort

Who doesn’t dream of the comfiest slippers to wear around the house? If your mom is the type to put off buying these for herself, then these Intelex slippers should do the trick. They’re fully microwavable to help her warm up quickly, and are filled with all-natural grain and French lavender for relaxation.

Hooded Loungers For Those Lazy Sundays

Help mom relax with a hooded lounger, which comes in various styles and lengths from Softies. Loungers are a gift that’s sure to please, so if you don’t want to go wrong with clothing, this is an excellent option.

Harmony Trio Bracelets

Add to mom’s jewelry collection with stacked gold or silver harmony trio bracelets from Maya J., a family-run business. They’re classy and simple so anyone who loves jewelry can find an excuse to wear them.

Stylish Scarfs For Any Outfit

Get her a fun, fancy scarf – it’s a small item she can add to an outfit that’ll make her think of you while adding a pop of style and color.

A Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

Celebrate mom’s birthday with her birth month flower. These unique, eco-friendly necklaces from Uncommon Goods encase a small flower in a 3D heart shape so she can add something romantic to her jewelry collection.

A Lululemon Fanny Pack

Stylish, roomy fanny packs are in, and this fanny pack from Lululemon can be worn as a purse as well. Mom can carry anything, anywhere without having to keep up with a big purse.

Comfy Pajamas for Lounging

Replenish mom’s pajama stock with some comfy PJs, because who doesn’t love a comfy, new set? Athleta PJs include whatever styles your mom wears – pants or shorts, t-shirts or long-sleeved.

Fashionable Golden Bracelet Bands

A set of gold bracelet bands in a variety of widths is a great choice because they can be worn together or separate with nearly any outfit, and any jewelry-wearing mom will love them. This set from Kendra Scott is an excellent option.

Custom Engraved Bracelet

Whatever your mom’s jewelry style, engrave her name or a special message on a bracelet that she’ll wear from Thoughtful Impressions. They have metal cuffs, silicone bracelets, adjustable and leather bracelets.

A Collapsible Garden Seat for a Break in the Soil

For the gardening mom, a collapsible garden seat will save her from getting tired of kneeling to dig in the dirt. This collapsible garden bench includes pockets on the side for all her tools, too.

A Custom Fingerprint Necklace

For a piece she’ll absolutely treasure, put your fingerprints on this heart necklace mom can keep on her all the time. If you have kids, you can put their fingerprints on it so she can have them near her.

Accessorize Her Wardrobe with Round Reading Glasses

If your mom uses reading glasses, Zenni has super stylish round reading glasses that you can get to fit her face in all kinds of styles with scratch-resistant, UV protective and anti-reflective lenses.

Allbirds Women’s Eco-Friendly Sneakers

For the eco-friendly mom, get her some everyday sneakers from Allbirds in her favorite color. She’ll have high-quality shoes to go around town or travel that she’ll love to wear.

A Tempur-Pedic Cloud Pillow For Great Nights Of Sleep

These Tempur-Pedic pillows adjust to head shape and come with a hypo-allergenic cover, plus they roll into a smaller shape for easy packing, so mom can take her pillow with her wherever she goes and always get a good nights’ sleep.

Lavender Heat Pillow

This lavender pillow from Uncommon Goods is made to be put into the microwave and used for relaxation at the end of a long day so mom can rest her tired muscles.

Flower Bulbs to Sprout At Home

If your mom loves flowers, give her flower bulbs of her favorites to plant at home. You can even plant them for her, or include flower pots and soil with your gift.

A Luxury Soap Collection For The Bath

Get your mom luxury soaps from Bronnley, an England-based soap company that has all kinds of cool-looking soaps and packaging your mom will love to use for the bath.

A Cooling Blanket For Perfect Sleep

For a weighted blanket that won’t cause overheating, get mom a cooling weighted blanket for a good nights’ sleep. These blankets from Luxome are scientifically designed to help sleep while keeping cool, have no bunching, and are hypoallergenic and machine-washable.

Cutting Board With Engraved Recipes

For a gift that’s both practical and sentimental, print a favorite family recipe (in handwriting) on a cutting board. This Etsy shop prints them for you, so you can keep that favorite recipe both easy to find and easy to pass along to others.

A Custom Puzzle Of One Of Her Passions

These puzzles from Minted let you send in a photo of your choice and have it printed on a custom puzzle. Find a treasured family photo or inside joke and give mom a puzzle she can put together and possibly frame.

Shortbread Cookies With Custom Messages

Shortbread cookies are loved by many, but you can make them extra special for mom’s birthday with a special message printed onto each one from Uncommon Goods.

Collapsible Nylon Storage Containers

If your mom is outdoors-y and adventurous, or if she’s obsessed with storage, these collapsible nylon storage containers are foldable and can be used anywhere from the tops of trees to indoors.

Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Humor-loving moms will get a kick out of this snarky adult coloring book for moms! She’ll get to de-stress from mom life and laugh it off with this fun book.

A Reusable Canvas Carry All To Take Grocery Shopping

If your mom loves practical gifts, these reusable canvas bags are perfect for grocery shopping, besides being eco-friendly! She can keep them in her car and not have to use plastic bags.

An Interesting Picture Book To Share On The Coffee Table

Whatever your mom loves, there’s probably a coffee table book for it. Search this list of photo coffee table books for anything from travel to nature, to fashion and more to find something that will make her smile every day!

A Neck and Back Massager

Get this top-rated back and neck deep-tissue massage pillow from Zyllion, with soothing heat for tight and sore muscles. Mom will be relaxed in no time!

A Fluffy Throw Blanket

Who doesn’t love a brand-new fluffy throw to snuggle in while watching TV or reading in the evenings? Get mom this alpaca throw from Pottery Barn, made from faux fur and available in more than one size that will look amazing draped over the couch or mom’s favorite armchair.

Wanderlust Artisan Candles

Wanderlust Artisan Candles are 100% soy and free of toxic ingredients, but they also give part of their money to fund classroom needs for teachers. Especially if your mom is a teacher, this is perfect – either way, giving back is always a good idea!

A Digital Picture Frame To Share Her Memories

This top-rated digital picture frame will show multiple photos that change, so mom can put it in a favorite spot where she can see all her favorite people, places and things whenever she wants.

A Lamé Ruffle Bag

The Lamé Ruffle Bag is unique so your mom will love the style and colors that she can wear around town or on trips with this super-fashionable purse.

Women’s Plush Robe For Relaxation

Get a fleece robe with mom’s initials or name on it so no one will steal it ever again (or ever at all), and your mom can always feel like she’s living at a resort with a plush robe to relax in!

A Comfy Pullover Crewneck Sweater

Get mom a new favorite pullover sweater! This cashmere fisherman sweater from Nordstrom is ultra-classy, so she can feel good even when she’s dressing for comfort.

Custom Engraved Water Bottle

Put mom’s name on a Camelbak water bottle so she can bring it everywhere and not have to worry about losing it – plus, she’ll think of you for giving it to her.

Personalized Wall Clock To Keep Busy Moms On Schedule

Get your mom a wall clock with a background you decide on – a favorite photo, image or message – so she can always see it when she checks the time. It will give her a moment in her day to stop and think of nice things other than her to-do list.

A Smart Mug With Temperature Control

Make sure mom literally never has to worry about her coffee or tea getting cold again with Ember mugs! They come in regular mugs and travel mugs, and they work with an app to keep drinks at a temperature you choose for hours. The coaster that comes with them can keep drinks hot all day long, and they come with a safety switch as well.

A Custom Rug Of Her Interest

Build your own rug – or let your mom build her own – from The Rug Company. You can choose the color, size of the designs, and material to fit your budget and timeframe.

Wireless Heated Hand Massager

This wireless heated hand massager is perfect for anyone with joint issues, cold hands or other issues. It uses pressure massage to help with relaxation, helps circulation and prevents dryness, plus it’s wireless and portable.

Kitchen And Home Hanging Signs

If mom loves to cook, get her a kitchen sign that you get to pen. You can also do signs for other rooms of the house with loving or funny messages.

An Engraved Wooden Spoon For Cooking

Is mom always cooking and using her favorite wooden spoon? Why not give her a wooden spoon with a loving message from you? She can feel loved and appreciated whenever she cooks and she’ll treasure it forever.

An Insulated Tumbler for Coffee On-The-Go

Get mom a Yeti Rambler tumbler, one of the best insulated tumblers on the market for all her coffee and tea needs! She can bring it anywhere and everywhere, and keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours at a time.

A Spa Gift Box for Stress Relief

Give mom an at-home spa kit with soap, a candle, a bath bomb and more so she can really relax and have some self-care.

Fluffy Set Of Bath Towels

Get mom the high-quality, premium ultra fluffy bath towels of her dreams so she can take baths and showers in style!

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? These swivel cheese boards can be personalized and have sections for various cheeses and other items, so mom can always be ready to host (or just use for herself)! There’s even a hidden drawer in the bottom with a stainless steel cheese fork and two knives.

Cooling Eye Mask For Headaches

These reversible gel eye masks can be used as cool or warm compresses. They help with headaches and dry eyes, as well as puffiness and relaxation.

A Kitchen Spices and Seasonings Kit

Make sure mom can cook with all the seasonings for the best meals with a kit filled with every kind of spice she needs. Spicewalla has spice sets that are perfect as gifts to replace expired spices on mom’s rack and add new flavors.

An Electric Corkscrew for Wine Nights

Does mom love wine? Get her a top-rated rechargeable electric corkscrew that will look amazing on the kitchen counter as well as being super useful and making wine bottle opening simple and fun!

Face Masks for Aging Skin

Add to mom’s skincare routine with face masks made for anti-aging from Sephora. She’ll get softer skin and clear up some wrinkles in the process.


Your mom’s birthday – or anyone who’s a mom that’s special to you – is an important celebration! We know how special moms are, and how much they do for us, which is why giving a thoughtful gift and card for her birthday is an important way to show you care. We hope this list can help you find something that’s perfect for the mom you’re celebrating!

35 Best Retirement Gifts for Your Loved One

So your loved one is retiring, and you need a gift that’s perfect for them. We know that retirement gifts for close family members or friends deserve extra thought, which is why we curated this list of gifts with items meant to reflect that sense of closeness. Retirement is a special time that can be met with mixed emotions, and we took that into consideration as well. Browse through our list to find something that fits your loved one’s unique personality and interests!

What You Should Look for a Retirement Gift

When searching for that perfect retirement gift for your loved one, there are a few considerations that can help you choose the right thing. Think about:

  • Value: Monetary value won’t always ensure your loved one will appreciate their gift. A card is a thoughtful and necessary part of your gift, but there are definitely affordable gifts out there that they’ll love to add that extra emotional value to the occasion.
  • Practicality: Many retirement gifts are made to be funny, but the person getting the gift may not have an actual use for it, and it may get thrown into the giveaway pile or stowed away in storage. Instead of gag gifts, make sure your gift is usable and high-quality, and they’re sure to love it!
  • Setting: Consider where and when you’ll be giving the gift. Is it at a retirement party? Is the party in a home, at work or elsewhere? This can impact what you decide to get, and also if you want to go in on a bigger gift with multiple people.

35 Awesome Retirement Gift Ideas for 2022

A Personalized Retirement Photo Collage

Photos of cherished memories are always a good idea for loved ones. If it’s a close work friend, memories from work or quality time outside of work can remind the person that people care and make them recall good times. A collage like this one from Zazzle is perfect, because it’s easy to mount on the wall and looks nice in any room.

A Collaborative Memory Book For The Retired Person

Getting people to contribute to a memory book can require a lot of work from one person, but a collaborative memory book from NewlyWords literally takes the work off your hands because it allows people to put in their photos and words themselves, directly! All you have to do is check that everything looks good and order the book. Not only are words and photos meaningful, but a memory book is something they can go back to over and over and show off to others. It also lets them know the impact they made and continue to make in people’s lives.

A Garden Tool Set

If the retiree is already a gardener or plans to garden, a garden tool set is a practical gift they can appreciate and use for years to come. Check out this list of 7 best gardening tool sets to see which one fits the type of gardening your loved one is doing, whether they’ll be really digging in the dirt or planting small flowers.

A Beer Subscription Package

Every beer lover will be absolutely delighted by a craft beer-of-the-month subscription like this one that includes hard-to-find rare beers and will allow them to try new ones every month from the comfort of home, and without effort! They also send microbrews from all over the world, so your loved one can travel the globe from home as well.

Customized Playing Cards for Loved Ones

Print photos and/or messages of people, places and things on these customizable playing cards from Shutterfly. Whenever your loved one is playing cards at home, with family or others, they’ll have those special memories making their time that much sweeter.

An Engraved Pocket Watch

Engraved pocket watches are a timeless, classic gift for men and women, or anyone who appreciates things that feel meaningful that can become heirlooms. Engrave your personal message and more on a watch in the metal type that fits your loved one’s style and personality.

A Retirement Flower Box

The practice of giving flowers to show you care goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. If your loved one appreciates flowers, these preserved roses or another type of bouquet from 1-800-flowers is a great option. You’ll light up their day and their home with something fresh and alive.

Personalized Travel Tote

Monogrammed tote bags or backpacks are a great way to give someone a practical gift they’re sure to use for years to come. When you choose a high quality brand and engrave their initials, you can’t go wrong – but to be sure, consider their favorite color and/or style to make the gift even more personal.

A Reversible Yoga Mat

For any yogis or aspiring ones, or anyone who does workouts of any kind at home, a high-quality, nice yoga mat will be greatly appreciated. Gaiam is known for their yoga mats, as they specialize in everything yoga. They have various patterns and colors, and their yoga mats are reversible so they last longer.

A Smart Mug With Temperature Control

Make sure your loved one can always enjoy their coffee or other warm drinks of choice in their retirement with mugs that won’t let coffee get cold, ever – really! Ember mugs let you set your exact temperature on an app and they come with a coaster that keeps them warm all day long. Without the coaster, they also stay at temperature for hours at a time, so they work on the go as well as inside.

A Kindle Paperwhite for Avid Readers

The newest Kindle Paperwhite comes with adjustable warm light, and reads like paper so it takes away eye strain you get with normal screens. For any loved one who enjoys reading, a Kindle is an amazing gift because they can take it anywhere and have multiple books to read without having to carry around a ton of books.

Personalized Travel Journal

Journaling is not only a great way to process life and get to know yourself better, but it’s also the perfect way to capture memories and experiences. If your loved one plans to travel in retirement, this journal will have their name on it plus your personal message, so they can have a special place to write their experiences to share with you later!

A Mystery Book Box Subscription

For those who love a good whodunnit, a Mystery book subscription will keep them occupied and satisfied in their retirement with new books coming as fast as they can read them!

Heated Back and Neck Massager

This Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is top-rated, and includes a 3D-kneading deep tissue massage pillow, heat and AC adapter. This is perfect for encouraging your loved one to relax in their retirement – because they deserve it – and relieves pain as well as tension.

A Collection of Luxurious Soaps and Incense

Get your loved one quality soaps, incense, and/or other luxury items without harsh chemicals to keep them relaxed and healthy. Flamingo Estate has garden-fresh soaps, candles, honey and other products that can make excellent gifts for those who either wouldn’t buy for themselves, or already do but would love more.

 A Personalized Retirement Mug

Designing a high-quality, unique mug like this one from Shutterfly is always an excellent gift idea for a loved one. They’ll use it every day and never tire of their high quality, special mug when their name, treasured photos or other special message is on it to bring them joy!

A Personalized Bird Feeder To Put At The Window

Delight bird watchers – and help burgeoning ones to begin appreciating the everyday joy – with a beautiful bird feeder they can put outside a window. This crafted wooden one with a super unique design is a great example.

A Custom Gift Basket Of Their Favorite Treats

Harry and David is a company that has any and every kind of gift basket you could ask for. Show your loved one you know them well with a basket full of their favorite treats, so that they can have something to munch on that will make them happy!

Tickets To A Event

If you know your loved one loves a good sporting event, play, concert or movie, give them tickets to a live performance or game, and they’ll be elated! You can also buy a gift card from a place like Ticketmaster so they can choose their own event and date or time.

A Retirement House Plant

Unless your loved one is a plant fanatic – and in that case, find out what plant they’re looking to add to their collection – there are plants that help air quality and are easy to care for that nearly anyone can keep alive. Check out this list of suggestions for easy care, low light, and more to find the perfect indoor plant for your retiree!

A Custom Chess Set

Isn’t the quintessential retirement dream to be playing chess daily in the park? For any retiree who plans on this lifestyle, or anyone who wants to play chess in general, a personalized chess set is a really special idea. Plus, chess keeps brains active and healthy for years to come!

A Cooling Weighted Blanket For Perfect Sleep

Studies show that sleeping in cooler temperatures is healthier and gives a better nights’ sleep. You can also give this to people in hot climates or who complain about being too hot at night. These blankets from Luxome are weighted and cool, so they keep from collecting heat while providing weight – the perfect combo for amazing sleep.

A Fitbit to Maintain Fitness

Fitbits are a great way to get motivated to stay healthy, and to track health in general. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, they’ve helped people with insomnia, to survive heart attacks, improve mental health, save lives and more – read the stories here.

 A Whiskey Making Kit

For anyone who appreciates a good whiskey, what can top a whiskey-making kit? It’s the perfect retirement hobby and they get some good whiskey out of the deal – practical and fun. This set from Uncommon Goods lets them pick their own vodka, wood chips and botanicals so they can play around with flavor and become an expert!

An Airbnb Gift Card For Any Travel Desires

Give the gift of travel to anywhere with an Airbnb gift card, so your retiring loved one can live the life of their dreams. Airbnbs exist all over the world so they really can travel anywhere their heart desires!

A Lightweight (Travel) Hammock for Outdoor Lounging

A lightweight, durable best-on-the-market hammock that can even fit two people is an excellent gift, not only for outdoor lovers but also for anyone who wants to hammock in their own backyard as they soak up being retired and all the freedom it brings!

A Retiree Personal Insulated Tumbler

An insulated Tumbler with their name on it (or other personalization) like this Yeti travel mug is something practical that every retiree can love, because they can use it at home or on the go and it will keep their drinks hot or cold for hours on end.

A Personalized Lounging Robe

Help your loved one retire in style with a personalized robe they can lounge in to feel like they’re at a resort, anytime, to feel the benefits of their new retirement lifestyle!

A Masterclass Subscription For Continuous Learning

Whether they want to become vegetarian, learn to cook better, improve their singing or start a business in retirement, a Masterclass is an out-of-this-world gift. It can help improve their lives, because we never stop learning!

A Custom Golf Bag For the Golf Links

Give golfers a customized bag for their golf clubs and more so they can get more out of their time at the golf course and always know which bag is theirs!

An Audio Book Subscription

A subscription to Audible allows anyone to listen to any book, anywhere, anytime from their headphones! They don’t even have to be reading to enjoy great books – this is perfect for anyone who gets car sick, has sight issues, or just loves to be outdoors but wants to listen to something.

Luxurious Candles

All natural, non-toxic candles are a great gift that can induce relaxation without harming the air or your retiree’s health. Check out this list of ideas, and choose what scent your loved one will love.

A Monthly Book Subscription

Whether your loved one retiring is already an avid reader or not, a book of the month subscription can motivate them to discover new worlds through novels. You can pick which type of books interest them or go random so they can discover new genres. The books save on cost and take the research time out of finding new books.

Cozy Retirement Socks

Give that crazy sock-lover what they want – more funky socks! These socks from Etsy are unparalleled, because you can put your loved one’s face on the socks with a retirement message! They’ll love showing these off to everyone, and probably annoying you in the process (but you know you love it).

Personalized Retirement T-Shirt

Give your loved one a personalized retirement T-shirt with an inside joke or other message just for them, like this one from Not On The High Street!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Retirement Gifts on 2022

What is a good retirement gift?

The best gift you can give to someone retiring will reflect their value back to them so they feel appreciated. It’s more about bringing memories, letting them know they’re special and meeting their interests and goals in any way possible. Think about the individual and make sure the gift is something they’ll like (don’t buy for yourself, or get a cheap gag gift). Ask friends or family of the retiree if you need help. A heartfelt message, donation or online subscription to a skill class for new hobbies are great ideas. Check out our list of pandemic gift ideas for retirees and celebrations for more.

How do you thank someone who is retiring?

A gift is a great way to thank a retiree who has impacted or helped you, but a thoughtful note goes an extra long way to help them really know that you appreciate them. Not only will they be able to read your words, which are way more meaningful than just a gift, but they’ll get to keep reading them whenever they need a reminder or pick-me-up, which people always appreciate. Something like a collaborative memory book can help you do this with multiple people at once, and give something that is high-quality that can be read and treasured in the years to come.

What’s a good retirement gift for a man?

Think about the man as an individual and consider his hobbies and interests. If he has certain goals for retirement, think about those as well. Giving something that shows you pay attention can go a long way! Some generic ideas include engraved watches, personalized liquor glasses or tumblers, personalized grill sets, golf clubs or a wallet or travel bag, journal or a collaborative memory book. Additionally you can read our guide on the Best Retirement Gifts for a Man.

What’s a good retirement gift for a woman?

Think about the woman as an individual and consider her hobbies and interests. If she has certain goals for retirement, think about those as well. Giving something that shows you pay attention can go a long way! Some generic ideas include engraved watches, personalized liquor or wine glasses, personalized coffee mugs or tumblers, an espresso machine, hammock or journal or a collaborative memory book.


We hope this list of researched ideas can help you find a perfect retirement gift for your loved one! Whether it’s a tangible or intangible item, memories or thoughts that they can read over and over, we know they’ll feel your appreciation with the time and consideration you’ve put into making their gift special.

28 Hilariously Funny Retirement Gifts To Send Your Coworker

Ahhh, retirement… that time of life that many people anticipate. Whether the retirement at hand is celebratory or otherwise, humor is always an excellent way to approach retirement gifts. While funny retirement gifts can be gag gifts, they certainly don’t have to be – they can be thoughtful at the same time.

Wondering what to get your retiring coworker that will make them laugh? This list has a wide variety of options to help you find the perfect gift, so read on for considerations and ideas!

What Makes a Great Retirement Gift

What separates the good from the great retirement gifts? It’s when the retiree’s personality, likes and dislikes, and dreams are taken into consideration first.
A great gift is more than a gift; it’s something that will make the recipient feel something, to bring fond memories or a laugh for years to come. A great gift reflects your appreciation, respect and relationship with your coworker. Read on for key considerations to help plan your gift.

Considerations Before Choosing Retirement Gifts for Coworkers 

  1. Decide what kind of “funny” is acceptable for the person

Gag gifts can be fun, but they’re not always funny to the person on the receiving end. This may be because they find the gag gift offensive, but it may also simply be that they feel that a gift they won’t use is wasteful. On the other hand, some people love a good gag gift, because it makes for a fun time for everyone involved!

Decide based on the person if a “gag gift” type of funny or a more sentimental funny is appropriate. More sentimental gifts can be just as, if not more, hilarious with funny memories, inside jokes or the person’s unique sense of humor to create a unique gift that can definitely feel more special than a cliché gag.

  1. Consider gifting as a group

Many times, coworkers choose to chip in for one group gift. Group gifts can bring more communal laughs than individual ones when they’re thoughtful. Something that includes heartfelt messages is perfect.

  1. Make it more about your relationship than the event

Retirement can be bittersweet, and a heartfelt message can mean a lot. Since retirements aren’t always the person’s choice (or they may have to find more work), stay away from being overly focused on congratulating and instead, focus on thoughts about your relationship, the difference they made, or funny memories.

  1. Consider their personality, hobbies and retirement goals

Have they talked about what they want to do when they retire, such as travel or taking up a pottery class? Are they an avid golfer, traveler or gardener? Or do you know they have a passion or hidden talent?

If you’re not sure, ask a spouse or close friend. Then, get a gift to help them chase after all their retirement dreams and goals.

  1. Choose a gift they can experience over and over again

A retirement gift should be more than a lazy store bought item or card. A great gift will make the recipient feel something, not just once but each time they see or use the gift for the years to come. Creativity makes for the most treasured gifts because they’re personal.

  1. Think about if the gift needs to be big or small 

Is your coworker going to take off and travel? Is he or she a minimalist or maximalist? Sometimes it’s best to go with something small. Whether you should go big or small depends on the person, your relationship with them, and their plans for retirement. They may not want to be burdened down with more “stuff”, as they may even be looking to downsize.

28 Unique Funny Retirement Gifts That They Will Love

Coworker Funny Memory Book

For a perfect collaborative gift that checks all the boxes – thoughtful, hilarious, and memorable enough to be a keepsake for years to come – gift this collaborative memory book with funny memories and photos! Each coworker can contribute on their own, so the process is simplified and the work is done for you. The recipient will have a memory book full of things to look back on whenever he or she is feeling nostalgic, needs a laugh or wants to share with friends and family!

Funny Message Coffee Mug

Since everyone loves a good favorite mug for their daily coffee, tea or other favorite beverage, choose a ready-made retirement mug, like this hilarious “weekly schedule” mug perfect as a gift from a coworker!

Scratch Off Map For Travelers

If the retiree is going to travel, a scratch off map gives them a fun, visual and interactive bucket list that they can show off as they go! You can find world or USA scratch-off maps for whatever kind of travel they’re going to be doing.

Funny Message Toilet Paper

This one is for the jokers! This funny retiree toilet paper is a fun gag gift that isn’t a waste of money, because it’s still usable in a practical sense – and, everyone will get a laugh when they see the retiree open this one!

Personalized Coffee Gift Basket

Does your retiring coworker love coffee, or do you have a lot of memories gathering around the coffee pot at work? This one is for coffee lovers, travelers, and travel aspiring retirees. This basket includes coffee from all around the globe for travel via coffee!

Engraved Pocket Watch

This vintage pocket watch with leather case can be engraved with a special message for any retiree! It has a classic style and you get to choose a funny, heartfelt message or other engraving to personalize.

Potty Putter Toilet Golf

Another gag-inspired gift, this mini golf set is for those that love golf and a good joke – plus, they’ll likely actually use this gift, which will make it even more hilarious when everyone watches them open it!

Personalized BBQ Grilling Utensils

Engrave a special grill utensil set for the ones who are going to be grilling in style in retirement. This will give them a way to have special memories for the years to come, and maybe even invite you over!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If the retiree is going to have extra time on their hands – and alternatively, if they’ll be needing to save money – there’s no better time to improve their coffee making skills! Give them a cold brew coffee maker so they can make the perfect cup of iced coffee right from the comfort of home.

Retirement Shot Glasses

Send your coworker into retirement in style with a funny retirement shot glass. They’ll have something they can display and/or use, whether they collect shot glasses or can just use a good one that will bring back great memories.

Retirement Whiskey Glasses

Is the retiree a whiskey-lover? Then they’ll love nothing more than a personalized set of whiskey glasses, or a funny retirement set to mark the occasion – then they can relive the good memories over and over.

Personalized Cutting Board

Hopefully, retirement for some people means a lot of really good cooking, now that they have the time! Anyone who stays at home, or in an RV to travel, can use a good cutting board, so why not give them a special engraved cutting board?

Engraved Travel Journal

Make sure the traveling retiree has a place to write down all their experiences, so they can have a keepsake no matter where they go! An engraved journal will give them personal travel experiences to remember.

Day of the Week Clock

A day of the week clock only keeps track of what day it is, so your retiring coworker can get a good laugh and remember their newfound freedom! Tell them they’ll have to call you to get the actual time to make sure they keep in touch.

Funny Message Engraved Tumbler

Get a high-quality Yeti or other tumbler with your personalized message for the retiree. They’ll be using this mug a lot, at home and on the road and they’ll get a good laugh and memories with every use.

Funny Retirement Baseball Cap

Retirees can live up their retirement in style, and make sure everyone knows it with this fun baseball cap with a message. This one even comes with a sash they can wear to parties.

Digital Picture Frame 

A digital WiFi picture frame is a perfect retirement gift to house treasured memories. You can fill it with photos you know they’ll get a good laugh from, and they get control over changing the photos as needed.

Retirement Chef’s Apron

A funny retirement apron is a perfect gift idea for chefs, or aspiring chefs out there. With all the options of messages available, it’s easy to find one your retiree will resonate with!

Funny Retirement Book

Funny retirement books, like You’re Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children by Dr. Seuss, or She Explores, which tells adventure stories of retirees, are great ideas for a good laugh and inspiration!

Funny Hanging Retirement Sign

Give a funny hanging retirement sign for a good laugh. Any retiree can find somewhere to hang a sign like this one where it will make other people laugh, too.

Funny Retirement Koozies

Every fun-loving retiree who drinks any beverage from a can will get a kick out of these fun koozies with various retirement jokes and sayings, that can double as party favors.

Personalized Retirement Bottle Opener

Another beverage-inspired idea, this hangable bottle opener can be personalized for someone’s retirement so it can be a new staple in their home decor to turn heads and bring smiles.

Funny Engraved Beer Caddy

Print inside jokes or retirement sayings on a beer caddy like this one with a built-in bottle opener so the retiree can bring it everywhere – you can put their name on it too, so they can be sure to let people know they’re retired and loving it!

Solo Stove Portable Fire Pit

Help retirees turn their backyards into a place they always want to be – especially now that they don’t have to be at work instead! Give them a solo stove portable fire pit so they can enjoy time with family and friends.

 Funny Retirement T-shirt

A funny retirement t-shirt with a message like “I’m retired, do it yourself” will be something a retiree will find themselves wearing for fun around family and friends so they can joke about it all day long!

Lightweight Hanging Hammock

What says “I’m retired and I’m loving it” better than hammocking? Eno has the best hammocks, and they come in sizes for one or two people. Help your coworker make relaxation his or her new lifestyle.

Gift an Experience

When in doubt, go the experience route! Gifting anything from in-person or online skill classes to event tickets, gift cards or money towards a trip they want to take will be appreciated by any retiree.

 Oil Painting Of A Work Memory

Use one or multiple photos to create a sentimental or hilarious work memory oil painting for the retiree! This will show that you put real thought and effort into getting a gift that will be remembered forever… and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to get the best laugh!

Frequently Asked Questions on Funny Retirement Gifts

How much money should you give a coworker for retirement?

If it’s a collective group effort, a monetary gift from $5-$20 per person is standard, and you may want to go ahead and match what others are giving. If it’s from just you, anything from $30-$50 is acceptable. Consider your relationship with the person – how close are you? Also consider their years at the business and that you worked together, plus think about what else they’re getting or what’s being done to honor them.

What is the best gift to give a coworker who is retiring?

The best gift you can give to a retiring coworker is something that will reflect their value to them, and make them feel special. If it can bring good memories, it’s an excellent choice, and if it’s something they want or that aligns with their interests, hobbies or goals, then it’s also a great choice. The key is to think about the person you’re giving the gift to and make sure it’s a gift they’ll appreciate – don’t buy it for yourself. Ask their friends or family if you’re unsure. A heartfelt note, donation to a charity they like or tickets to something they’ll love can also go a long way, as can a subscription to online or in-person skill classes for new hobbies. If your coworker is also your boss, you can check out our article on the best boss retirement gifts.

Where can I find a unique retirement gift idea?

Check out this blog post for ideas for unique retirement gift ideas! If you’re still feeling stuck, look at the considerations in this blog post and write down what you know about the person. You can also talk to their other friends and family to get more ideas of what they might love.

What is an appropriate retirement gift?

Appropriate retirement gifts include thoughtful notes from individuals or groups – like in a collaborative memory book; money, tickets to events or charity donations; or any item that will make the person laugh or be something they can use that aligns with their interests or retirement goals. This can be something they can use to travel or do a hobby like golf, or decor items. Personalizing items like beverage glasses or tumblers, watches and more can make the gift extra meaningful.

What do you give a man for a retirement party?

Think about the man as an individual and consider his hobbies and interests. If he has certain goals for retirement, think about those as well. Giving something that shows you pay attention can go a long way! Some generic ideas include engraved watches, personalized liquor glasses or tumblers, personalized grill sets, golf clubs or a wallet or travel bag, journal or a collaborative memory book. Additionally you can read our guide on the Best Retirement Gifts for a Man.

What do you give a woman for a retirement party?

Think about the woman as an individual and consider her hobbies and interests. If she has certain goals for retirement, think about those as well. Giving something that shows you pay attention can go a long way! Some generic ideas include engraved watches, personalized liquor or wine glasses, personalized coffee mugs or tumblers, an espresso machine, hammock or journal or a collaborative memory book.


The key to a hilariously funny retirement gift for your coworker is to consider who they are as a person, like their hobbies and goals. Think about their sense of humor and what they’ll get a kick out of, whether that be a funny gag gift or a sentimental gift with inside jokes. People appreciate when a gift or note reflects how well they’re known by others, so make it all about them and you can’t go wrong! We hope you find some inspiration from our comprehensive list. 

45 Remarkable Retirement Gifts for Your Boss

Your boss’s retirement is a huge milestone that demands proper celebration! Choosing a retirement gift that will show the value they added to the workplace, as well as your appreciation for their dedication, is a tall order.

There are some things to consider, including what to say or write in the card with the gift, that we’ll talk about in this article before listing 45 excellent gift options for retirement gifts for your boss for every budget. So, let’s get started.

What Makes A Great Retirement Gift?

More retirees now, more than ever before, are deciding to live life to the fullest with new adventures, and your boss probably has some sweet retirement goals they’re looking forward to pursuing. If you know them well enough, consider their hobbies and personality when getting them a gift; even if not, this list will also give you some options you can’t go wrong with for the best retirement gifts to mark a moment this momentous!

Considerations Before Buying A Gift For Your Boss

When buying a retirement gift for your boss, we know your budget is an important consideration. Finding a gift that isn’t cliche, but that is affordable is possible, which is why we have something for every budget that is sure to stand out with the perfect balance of sentimentality and fun, because retirement is a mix of both!

You’ll also need to consider what to get for your boss that reflects their personality and hobbies. Whether or not you already have a good idea of these, finding a memorable gift that will be cherished for years to come can be tough; whether you know your boss well or not, this list will give you ideas to find something unique they’ll be sure to treasure.

What To Say To A Retiring Boss

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” -Mother Teresa

Your gift will speak for itself, but won’t say everything that you want to say to your boss. Wishing them well in their next chapter, thanking them for their dedication, and letting them know they made a difference, in words, are what will stick with them. “It’s the thought that counts” goes the extra mile when you put those thoughts into writing.

You can make your message sentimental, humorous, or celebratory, depending on your boss’s personality and your relationship with them. Here are some ideas to get you started on crafting the perfect message:

  • Share a favorite memory.
  • Let them know they made a difference to you and/or the workplace (did they touch lives, always have the best ideas, or were they a great manager that will be missed?).
  • Encourage them to relax like it’s their job, focus on their own dreams and passions, or whatever they need or want to do now that they’re retired, knowing they’ll put their work ethic into different things since they’ll never stop being active and “working”.
  • Let them know you still want to see them, whether it’s outside of the workplace or to stop by and say hi at work.
  • Let them know their influence lives on in the workplace and that they’ll be remembered for a long time to come.
  • Joke that they can call and pretend to boss you around if they miss it too much.
  • Congratulate them and send them off into retirement wishing them well.

45 Unique Retirement Gifts Ideas For Your Boss 

Handmade Portrait Painting

A handmade portrait or caricature can be hung on the wall, but also can be used in other ways. If you’re throwing a party, consider getting this printed on party favors and/or the cake. Make sure you get this gift from a talented artist so that it looks tasteful.

Retirement Memory Book

“Good words are worth much, and cost little.” -George Herbert

Make a collaborative retirement memory book with thoughts and photos from yourself and others for the perfect gift that will be opened throughout the years. Gather messages from friends, family and coworkers through email and other methods and have them sent to your collection page, then personalize and edit the book to finish. Your boss will get a sentimental gift that they can look at whenever they feel nostalgic, and that they can show off to others. People remember how you make them feel more than anything, and words and photos will make them feel cared for every time they open a memory book.

Tea Infuser for Tea Loving Boss

Being retired, your tea-loving boss will have more time to make better tea with a tea infuser since they’re not rushing to work.

Spa and Champagne Gift Basket

Gift something that says, “you deserve to relax!” In a big, bold way with a spa and champagne gift basket, like this one that comes with eucalyptus scented products from Thymes for baths, and even includes a bamboo plant, and of course a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine.

 Michael Kors Gold Watch

A Michael Kors gold watch is a classy retirement gift that will show you want your boss to retire in style. Even though they don’t have to punch a clock anymore, they’ll still need to have a way to know what time to meet a friend for fishing or shopping, watch grandkids, volunteer or catch that flight to Bermuda!

 Daypack for Traveling

For the boss who’s going to travel in retirement, a day pack is a must, like this daypack that folds into a pouch for easy packing and for all kinds of outdoor weather conditions. Another choice is this leather daypack that can double as a carry-on and looks chic for city travel. Think about your boss’s personal style and gift accordingly!

 Art Painting Set

If you already know your boss is an art lover, or if you have a feeling they’ll have a knack for it, consider this art painting set for a new hobby. Even if they give it up quickly, this can be re-gifted to grandkids. Either way, it’ll give them a new adventure!

Digital Wifi Picture Frame

A digital photo frame with wifi is perfect for updating pictures of friends, grandkids and family, pets and vacations. This one has a touchscreen as well so it’s easy to use. Keep your retiree’s photos easy to show off while being up-to-date!

 Complete Golf Set

For the golf-loving boss, retirement is sure to include many afternoons on the green. Gift them a golf set to send them off in style, and so that you can meet them on the golf course for many work-free, relaxing golf sessions in the future.

Mavic Air Drone

Maybe your boss is already a photographer or video fiend, but even if not, this Mavic Air drone can make for an excellent new hobby that can be done at home or while traveling! It can help them bond with family and friends and be the talk of every social event.

 Rocking Massage Chair

This rocking massage recliner has a full-body massage feature with controllable levels, is self-heating and power reclining, rocks, and includes cup and magazine holders for the ultimate relaxation station.

Noise-canceling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect gift for planes, trains and sometimes even hotel rooms that are in populated city areas. This high-quality pair has 22-40 hours of battery life, perfect for long flights or road trips.

GoPro Camera

For all travel-aspiring retirees, a GoPro is an excellent choice. It can be used anywhere, even underwater, and is small and easy to carry. This one comes with the newest features and high durability. Photos and videos can be automatically uploaded to the cloud for easy sharing.

100 Things to Do Bucket List

Not every retiree knows exactly what they want to do with their new time, but even for those who do, a scratch-off bucket list is an excellent way to add some fun! Each time they accomplish something, they can scratch off the square for a picture. Plus, whenever they need a new idea, there’s plenty on this list!

Everyday Tote Bag

A great all-around, anytime gift is a durable tote bag, and the personalization plus retirement text keeps this one from being boring while making it perfect for the occasion. Your (former) boss can carry belongings fashionably while showing off their new retirement status!

Book Set 

One thing all retirees can appreciate is expert advice on how to retire wisely and how to make their savings and investments work. Make a set of books to help with this, travel books and funny retirement books.

Mini Wood Heart

A mini wood heart with a personalized message alongside “The best is yet to come” will remind your boss that your thoughts are with them. This one comes with an easel to stand it up so it makes a versatile decor piece.

Personalized Thank You Coffee Mug

A custom mug can include a funny or sentimental quote, and even a name or initials. Make sure your boss can wake up and drink coffee from a mug that reminds them that they’re missed, how lucky they are to be retired, or whatever else to add a boost to their day!

Paperwhite Reader

Books are great, but not easy to carry around, not great for low lit places, and not waterproof – all things a Kindle Paperwhite reader is! Whether you boss will be traveling or sitting at home, an e-reader will give them a way to carry their favorite books anywhere. The screen lighting can even be adjusted to warm light, and text can be made bigger or smaller. Plus, they’re made with recycled materials and packaging.

Happy Retirement Wine Glass  

There’s nothing like celebrating retirement and being able to relax in style. For wine lovers, a funny retirement wine glass will let them feel the joy of retirement wash over them each time they sip their favorite wine.

Travel Duffle Bag

A classy, durable personalized duffle bag is an excellent idea for travelers and gym-goers. A high-quality duffle with personalization will definitely be appreciated.

Thank You Cuff

Show your boss your appreciation in words engraved on a stainless steel jewelry cuff bracelet. This one is lead and nickel-free so it works on sensitive skin. It’s great for anyone who wears jewelry and isn’t too picky about what they wear. If you’re unsure about it, ask friends or family of theirs or simply include a gift receipt!

Gift Card for Buying Something Special 

A gift card is always a great gift idea; it says, “I want you to buy something you want or need, on me, because I appreciate you”. Whether it’s a gift card to a place where people can buy almost anything, to something more specific to them like a favorite boutique or restaurant, a gift card goes a long way. Just make sure to include a card with a thoughtful note.

Philosophy Thank You Gift Set 

This hand wash and hand cream set actually says “thank you” on the box, making it perfect for any boss who uses hand cream. Make sure they’re not allergic to any chemicals before gifting, or make sure to include a gift receipt.

Wine Tumbler: Thank you for being Awesome

Show your retiring boss how awesome they are with this stainless steel wine tumbler that literally says it. Each time they go to sip their wine, they’ll feel appreciated. This is perfect for the wine-loving boss, and it can be used at home and on outings, so it may be something they don’t already own.

 ​Gratitude Trinket Dish  

A customizable leather trinket dish is a useful gift that will keep your message on it, so each time your retiree sees it, he or she will be reminded of the difference they made or whatever nice thing you have engraved each time they pick up earrings or keys.

Gardening Tools Bag Set

If your boss is going to be continuing or taking up gardening, an all-in-one gardening tools set is a great idea. This one has ​​rust free tools with ergonomic handles to be easily used by gardeners of any age, and includes a premium storage bag. If they’re more of an indoor person, an indoor herb gardening starter kit could be a great alternative.

National Parks Pass

The US National Parks Pass is good for a whole year, good for a family of up to 4 people, and allows entry to 2,000 federal recreation sites. This will save your boss money on entrance fees, and give ideas for where to travel!

Thank You Gift Basket 

This gift basket with customizable items includes a custom wine tumbler, succulent, and candle in a retirement-themed box. For some reason, getting custom-wrapped boxes and getting to unwrap the box to find more than one item is extra exciting, making this an excellent (and affordable) idea.

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Make sure your boss retires with a way to entertain themselves now that they won’t be spending all their time at work, and that they can hear well even though their hearing may not be as good as it used to be, with a portable waterproof bluetooth speaker. Whether they’re playing music, watching movies, or listening to a podcast in the shower, they’ll appreciate this gift that makes retired life easier.

Food Gift Basket

Gift baskets are always a great idea, especially when they include food like fruit, popcorn, charcuterie, candy and wine. If you’re looking for a perfect retirement gift, this is it – your boss can have some snacks to share as they continue to celebrate. Make sure you take any food allergies or sensitivities into account.

 Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag

Whether they’re going to be jet-setting around the globe or just making the occasional trip to see grandkids, a leather hanging toiletry bag is an elegant retirement gift that your boss will use every time they pack. This one can be personalized and comes gift-boxed. Make sure your boss isn’t vegan before gifting, and consider adding leather conditioner to the gift.

Personalized Grill Set

A personalized grill set will allow your grill-loving boss to grill to their heart’s content! This is an 11-piece bamboo set with a stainless steel spatula that includes a bottle opener, a BBQ fork, brush, knife, tongs, glove, skewers and a case, so your boss will have everything they need to invite you over for dinner!

Out of Business Cards 

Give your boss a funny gift that they can use to make others laugh too with this set of out of business cards. They come in a stainless steel case with the word “retired” engraved on it. This is an extra-fun gift for any retiring boss who loves humor!

Retirement Toilet Paper

Another excellent funny gift idea is retirement (toilet) papers – your boss can actually use this paper, but obviously the main thing is the laugh they’ll get out of it if they have a good sense of humor!

Engraved Whiskey Glass

This engraved personalizable whiskey glass is made with a wide base for swirling to enhance the aroma and a narrow top so the aromas can better reach the nose, which any whiskey lover will appreciate.

Personalized Insulated Bamboo Water Bottle

Personalize an insulated, lightweight water bottle for your boss that they can use to keep drinks hot or cold all day. These are made with 100% organic bamboo exterior and BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel interior and include a leak-proof lid. You can add your retiring boss’s name, initials or a special message so they can associate the bottle with great memories.

Beer Cap Map

If your boss is a beer-lover, make sure they have motivation to travel and drink the best beer with a map-shaped wall decoration that they can collect beer bottle caps on based on region or just for fun, shaped like their state or country of choice, and then have to show off to others and to recognize their achievement – what better way to celebrate retirement?

Travel Hammock

What says “I’m retired” more than a hammock? Eno is one of the best brands out there and can be used for camping or just hanging out and relaxing, enjoying the weather and new opportunities found only in retirement!

Portable Vinyl Player

Most record players are pretty large, so get your boss one they can take with them on the go to dance to or just make sure they can play background music in style with a portable vinyl player like this one. They can record their vinyl using this player to a flash drive, and they can play records from the flash drive on this player as well, so it’s the ultimate for portability whether or not they take all their records along!

Officially Retired T-Shirt

Make sure your boss can properly flaunt their new retirement status with a t-shirt so they can announce it to the world as they travel or go about town, finally not having to dress up for work every day.

Meditation Cushion Set

This high-quality meditation cushion set, made from buckwheat, is good for sitting and will aid your (former) boss in their new, or old, practice of zen.

Retired Beer Can Coolers

For all the festivals, cookouts, beach days, camping and more, neoprene beer can coolers are an excellent way to commemorate the retirement of a beloved boss and know they’ll be fully enjoying their new lifestyle, in style!

 Wine Tool Kit

This wine tool kit is perfect for any wine lover, and for retirees who now have the time to spend fully enjoying their wines.

Cocktail Club Membership

Give your retiring boss a membership to Shaker & Spoon cocktail club, where they get boxes in the mail to make their own cocktails. You can give anywhere from 1 month to a year, so it’s a great option for any budget.[h2] Conclusion
Retirement is an achievement worth celebrating, and when it’s your boss, getting a gift that represents your relationship, your gratitude and more is no easy task. Hopefully, this extensive idea list can give you some ideas that will fit any budget and any boss! Let us know what you chose and how it goes in the comments!


Retirement is an achievement worth celebrating, and when it’s your boss, getting a gift that represents your relationship, your gratitude and more is no easy task. Hopefully, this extensive idea list can give you some ideas that will fit any budget and any boss! Let us know what you chose and how it goes in the comments!

50 Great Retirement Gifts for a Man 

We believe that retirement is a significant milestone in life that deserves a grand celebration.  While retirement might seem bittersweet to some as they part ways with their colleagues, it ushers in a time of relaxation and fun while reaping the fruits of labor. 

It’s a New Beginning, Not an Ending

When selecting a retirement gift for a man, consider the thoughts that run through his mind as he looks forward to those wonderful days of self-fulfillment. While there are many interesting retiree gifts for women, men shouldn’t feel left out. It’s the time for new beginnings, an exciting adventure exploring the world and other passions beyond a career. The best gifts should complement the priceless journey toward happiness, freedom, and discovery. 

What is a Good Retirement Gift for a Man?

With a heartfelt gift, you will add satisfaction and joy to the retirement revelry and make the event much more memorable. We have curated the top 50 retirement gifts that will put a smile on his face and warmth in his heart. 

#1 A Ticket to His Dream Destination

Retirement is the perfect time to travel. An unexpected trip to the Maldives, to Singapore, or to see the northern lights will kick-start his post-career adventure. 

#2 A Comfy Hammock

A soft, relaxing hammock provides satisfying naps on breezy afternoons outdoors. It’s a great way to start catching up with those years of missed sleep!

#3 A Kindle

Retirement provides the opportunity to catch up on some literary favorites. Kindles are great travel buddies that optimize the reading experience — all from a single platform. 

#4 Binoculars 

A pair of binoculars serves as a practical and symbolic gift. They’re essential for bird-watching and traveling plus they represent a forward-looking perspective. 

#5 Retirement Business Cards 

Retirement business cards are fun gifts that celebrate the new role. Consider humorous lines like “no deadlines and no services offered” for a good laugh.  

#6 A Bottle of Champagne 

Champagnes traditionally represent joyous new beginnings, making them ideal gifts to mark the commencement of happy retirement days. 

#7 A Fancy Watch

A watch carries deep significance for retirement since he now has more control of his time. Consider customizing the watch straps or engraving the case for a personalized touch. 

#8 A Personalized Bobble-Head

Bobbleheads are comical caricatures that will lighten any mood. A personalized model will make recipients chuckle and give them a memorable memento that commemorates a beautiful milestone. 

#9 A Journal 

There will be many goals, plans, and ideas for life after retirement. Newlyword’s quality journal presents your recipients with the perfect opportunity to record precious moments before and during their post-retirement adventures.  

#10 A Travel Bag 

Retirement sets the stage for a great trip around the world. A classy anti-theft travel bag allows your retiree to journey in style and comfort as he forges unforgettable memories. 

#11 Mystery Book Box

A mystery book box builds anticipation that keeps recipients on the edge of their seats. A variety of titles provides hours of entertainment in between post-retirement activities and travels. 

#12 A Sweet Thanks 

Genuine expressions of gratitude can make a huge impact. A quality card with words of appreciation will make your recipient’s day. 

#13 A Funny Retirement T-shirt

A customized T-shirt offers limitless creativity to celebrate retirement. A printed catchphrase such as “goodbye to tension, hello to pension” could become your retiree’s favorite. 

#14 Magazine Subscription of His Choice

Magazines are windows to the latest trends, ideas, and opportunities. A subscription opens doors for the recently retired, keeping individuals inspired to live out their best days ahead.  

#15 A Photo Album 

Photo albums are more than collectibles — they immortalize precious moments. Present an album filled with the visual highlights of a recipient’s career for added sentiments. 

#16 A Massage Chair 

Retirement provides an opportunity to break away from workplace stress. And what better way than with a relaxing massage chair that soothes all the right places? 

#17 Gardening Tools

Gardening is a relaxing activity that offers a wide range of long-term health benefits. Get recipients started on the fulfilling hobby with starter tools!

#18 Golfing Kit

With retirement comes additional opportunities to enjoy a good game of golf. Quality golfing kits will deck recipients out to score at the tee. 

#19 Finishing Equipment

Some retirees are going to dedicate more time to their garage/workshop projects. Finishing equipment will help them add the winning touches to the masterpiece they’ve dreamed of. 

#20 Cooking Classes

They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Online cooking lessons will help many recipients develop independence in the kitchen while exercising their creativity. 

#21 Gym Membership

Retirement provides more time for the gym. A membership could prove to be the motivation and golden ticket to start a healthy routine. 

#22 Noise-cancelling Headphones

Countless informative audiobooks and tracks are available on streaming sites that retirees can enjoy with their newfound freedom. Noise-canceling headsets will provide an immersive audio experience. 

#23 Leather Passport Holder

Many newly retired individuals look forward to traveling. A passport holder hints at the possibilities. Choose an upscale leather option that enhances the experience at the airport. 

#24 A Camera

No retirement trip is complete without a trusty camera. A multifunctional model equips recipients with the tools to capture the happiest moments in their great big adventure. 

#25 Wine Gift Box Set

Vino is life. A well-aged port, a cabernet sauvignon, or perhaps some merlot — each enriches a happy occasion. A wine box wonderfully symbolizes blessings of vitality and success in retirement. 

#26 Pillow Massager

Pillow massagers stimulate blood circulation and relieve common posture-related discomforts. It’s the ideal gift for retirees who intend to travel around the world on long flights. 

#27 An Elegant Blanket

A stylish, elegant blanket gives retirees an additional reason to get cozy and catch up on those overdue Zs. 

#28 A Cigar Cutter

A premium cigar cutter will be a meaningful gift for aficionados. Consider selecting a high-end or customized design that celebrates their triumph over career challenges. 

#29 Personalized Leather Wallet

Leather wallets epitomize casual class and style. These timeless accessories serve as a fitting gift for individuals who embrace a post-retirement life of confidence and comfort. 

#30 Personalized BBQ Gift Set 

Grill masters will look forward to hosting plenty of post-retirement BBQ parties. A customized gift set will be their pride and joy at the next gathering. 

#31 An Espresso Machine

Coffee lovers will adore an espresso machine and the energy boost to seize the day. Models with multiple settings provide some fun variety. 

#32 A Personalized Flask

A customized flask is a wonderful reminder to get hydrated, especially for retirees who wish to embrace a more active lifestyle. 

#33 Personalized Koozie

Stylish koozies or stubby holders are a fashionable way for gift recipients to keep their fave drinks cool on their retirement trip.  

#34 Personalized Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Whether it’s shaken or stirred, a good glass of whiskey will spruce up any post-retirement day. A decanter gift set is a gift he will treasure.

#35 Engraved Luggage Tags

Personalized luggage tags remind recipients that their journey of fun and discovery has begun. Plus, the tags make it much easier to spot belongings at even the busiest conveyor belts. 

#36 A Golf Watch 

A suitable timepiece will significantly enhance the golfing apparel of retirees as they take swings at the course. After all, he’ll have more time to hang out at the country club. 

#37 Travel Tech Organizer

Travel tech organizers are essential for any brave new adventurer. They offer compact storage for handheld gadgets and accessories for the modern retiree. 

#38 Meaningful Retirement Plaque 

A plaque is a significant way to acknowledge the contributions of a retiree. For best effect, list two or three accolades alongside a statement of gratitude. 

#39 Diamond Decanters

Diamond decanters are gorgeous vessels that do a great job representing the efforts of retirees. Each drink poured from the gifted decanter will serve as a heartfelt reminder.  

#40 Multimedia Projector

There will be many videos and images captured during a retirement trip. A multimedia projector serves as an excellent way to showcase and revisit those sweet memories. 

#41 Golf Trunk Organizer

A quality golf trunk provides retirees with neat, organized storage for their most prized clubs. It’s essential, considering the time they’ll have now to spend on the course. 

#42 Pain Relieving Nap Foot Massager

Specialized foot massagers offer deep relaxation during naps or after a day of sightseeing on an adventurous trip.  

#43 An iPad

An iPad is a versatile gift for retirees — the device functions as a planner, a communication outlet, a media player, and much more. 

#44 Camping Folded Chair 

Padded, foldable chairs provide retirees with a comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors, at home or on the road. 

#45 Travel Mug

Travel mugs can add significance to every drop of savored beverage. Consider adding monograms or post-retirement quotes for personalized appeal. 

#46 Personalized Bracelet

Bracelets are highly personal accessories often embellished with meaningful designs. Add a positive post-retirement message or a catchy phrase to inspire your gift recipient.   

#47 Stylus Set

Retirees with a passion for the visual arts will enjoy a stylus set that enables them to express their wildest creations.  

#48 Day Clock 

A day clock (one that shows days rather than the time of day) reminds retirees they have complete control over their week and the power to live each moment to the fullest. 

#49 Easy-Care Bonsai Kit

The ancient Japanese art of bonsai highlights the beauty of longevity. A beginner bonsai kit is a fitting tribute to the unceasing passion for life that comes beyond retirement. 

#50 A Health Monitor Band 

A reliable health monitoring band (such as the Apple watch) provides retirees with peace of mind as they embrace active lifestyles. Consider customizing the bands/straps for a unique design. 

Final Thoughts 

These fifty retirement gift ideas for men serve only as a starting point. And it’s possible to mix and match (e.g., an espresso machine with personalized koozies) for greater impact. 

Retirement marks a new beginning. It is a time of liberation, empowerment, and enjoyment, and choosing the right gift could make this special time all the more magical.