60th Birthday Gift Ideas: The Best Gifts For Your Loved Ones

Every birthday is special. From the smash cake for your one-year-old to that collaborative memory book you put together for your grandmother’s 85th, each year is an opportunity to celebrate. But every so often, our loved ones reach a milestone birthday that deserves a little extra attention—and a gift that wows! The 60th birthday is one of those milestones, so it’s natural to wonder what gift conveys the right combination of fun, appreciation, and sweet sentimentality. Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered with our list of 20+ fabulous 60th birthday gift ideas for your favorite soon-to-be 60-year-old. Check out our top choices to find that perfect gift.

Things To Consider Before Buying A 60th Birthday Gift

“Thirty, flirty, and thriving” is the saying for turning 30, so what marks six decades of this adventure we call life? Sixty, nifty, and fabulous? Or maybe sixty, sassy, and sensible? Whatever sums up your loved one, finding the perfect 60th birthday gift starts with a bit of creative insight. 

Consider their favorite activities and interests, or even that one thing they always put off. Surprise them with reservations and a gift card to that new restaurant they keep talking about. Or collaborate with friends and family to give them a weekend at their favorite spa, resort, or golf course. 

The perfect 60th birthday gift doesn’t have to be expensive or require massive planning. Sometimes, the most memorable gifts are the ones that make us laugh, remind us of the things we love, or mark those special moments. 

We believe that 60 is an opportunity to surprise your loved one with some fun, thoughtful, and slightly cheeky gifts. With that in mind, these 20+ 60th birthday gifts are ones we would gladly give that adventurous, hilarious, and sometimes serious 60-year-old in our lives.

20 Best 60th Birthday Gifts Ideas For Men And Women 

We write from experience when we say that finding the right 60th birthday gift should be fun! These 20 ideas (plus two bonus ideas) will help inspire you with creative, thoughtful, and humorous gifts for both men and women. Let the shopping begin!

Handwritten Note Blanket

This is the absolute perfect 60th birthday gift if words are how you best convey your love for others. The handwritten note blanket from FirandNeedle combines a soft, cozy blanket with your personalized words. It works just like a photo blanket: you send the seller a picture of a handwritten note that they print onto the blanket style of your choice. Blankets come in four different fabrics/textures and three different sizes.

If your family member loves to cozy up with a blanket and an excellent book, imagine their delight when their new blanket includes a special note from you. Simply find an old postcard or letter, or sit down and write a note (this is an excellent activity for kids!). It is the gift that keeps on giving.

6 Rings For 6 Decades Necklace

For the jewelry lover in your life, this necklace is a sweet reminder of the past 60 wonderful years. Necklaces are available from multiple sellers on Etsy, all with their unique spin on the concept. Some come stacked together like a wreath, while others have six clearly defined rings looped across the necklace. If your favorite 60-year-old is more of a gem or bracelet fan, consider six gems for six decades. These are available in necklaces, bracelets, and more! Bonus tip: this necklace also makes a great anniversary gift for those celebrating several decades of marriage.

Birthday Memory Book

We may be slightly biased, but the collaborative memory book is one of our favorite 60th birthday gifts. Here’s why: not only does it combine memories with photos, personal notes, and fun memorabilia, but it is collaborative as well, meaning other family members, friends, and even co-workers can add their memories to the book!

Memory books are easy to put together. Start by creating a personalized online collection page and then share a link with other participants. Everyone uploads their own stories, photos, collages, and memories. You can edit and rearrange the content as much or as little as you want. Once finished, your memory book is available as a PDF download, or you can print a hardcover keepsake. Either way, you’ll be giving a 60th birthday gift that is sure to make your loved one laugh, cry, and cherish every memory. 

Happy 60th B-day Toilet Paper

When a 60th birthday celebration calls for some humor, look no further than this hilarious gag gift. It may not be the best gift for your grandma, but this 60th birthday toilet paper makes a great office gift for your co-worker or that good-humored friend in your life. Not only that, but it is the gift that keeps them laughing as they work through the entire roll printed with this hilarious message. 

Engraved Beer Mug

This is the 60th birthday gift for all beer lovers: their name and birth year engraved on their very own beer mug. The design suits men or women, making it an all-around memorable gift for any beer-loving 60-year-old. Is your recipient more of a whiskey or wine fan? Consider gifting these perfect personalized drinking glasses, tumblers, and decanters for anything from cocktails to tea. 

Scuddles Garden Tools Set 

Turning 60 sometimes means more opportunities for the hobbies and activities we love. This Scuddles Garden Tool Set is a sweet way to encourage a longtime passion or help them dig in with their newfound hobby. The set is available in several styles, making it excellent for both men and women. Each set includes some combination of gardening gloves, trowels, rakes, and more—with a variety of storage options from a heavy-duty case to a foldable bucket or organizer.

Funny 60th Birthday Mug For Her

For the special lady in your life—or that co-worker with a fun sense of humor—we recommend this funny birthday mug. Not everyone is thrilled at the idea of turning 60, so why not give a 60th birthday gift that brings on the laughter? If this isn’t your style, there are plenty of funny birthday mugs for women available to keep you, your loved one, and your friends laughing and having a good time. 

Amazing 3D Photo Crystal

Make your gift memorable with this 3D photo crystal. Here, you get a favorite photo etched into a crystal, making a delightful tabletop 3D gift! Crystals come in many shapes and sizes, from rectangular to a classic arc. This 60th birthday gift puts a spin on the photograph by providing a holographic image of a favorite moment. 

Birthday Box Of Nostalgic Candy

Birthdays are the perfect time for self-indulgence, and nothing combines indulgence with nostalgia quite like this retro candy gift box from Vintage Candy Co. Help feed your loved one’s sweet tooth and give them something to laugh about as they dig through this box of candy straight from their childhood. Vintage Candy Co. does the hard work of collecting all the fun vintage candy from years ago while you get the joy of giving them a trip down memory lane. The box includes over 63 different candy types from the 1960s that are bound to give your birthday “girl” or “boy” a fun surprise.

Personalized Wine & Beer Labels For 60th Birthday 

Whether you’re throwing a 60th birthday party or giving the gift of a good brew or vintage wine, these personalized wine and beer labels are well worth it. Spice up your friend’s favorite 6-pack with some fun (and funny) 60th birthday humor. Or, if you’re the host of the party, add fun labels to party beverages. The wine lover in your life will love seeing this classy personalized wine label. It’s a fun way to get a bottle of wine that can age for a later date. The label serves as a thoughtful reminder of the special occasion (and date) they received the wine. 

New York Times Custom Puzzle

Calling all puzzle fans! This custom puzzle from the New York Times combines a challenge with a touch of nostalgia. Choose your loved one’s date of birth and give them a puzzle featuring the front page of the New York Times from the day they were born! Not only do they learn what happened in the world on that day, but they also get to enjoy a fun-loving gift time and time again.

Surprise Them With 60-Years-Old Socks

Okay, socks may be the classic “mom” gift (remember all those socks you used to get for Christmas?), but now is your chance to give the gift of cozy and funny all in one. These 60th birthday socks offer a variety of messages, from snarky to sweet, to match the humor of your favorite 60-year-old. We love them because they will make your friend or family member smile, and they pair well with a bottle of wine, a book, or spa gift card. 

A New Watch with Their Favorite Color Band Or Style

Customization is the secret to a great 60th birthday gift because it communicates how much thought you put into it. That is why we love this 60th birthday gift idea. A watch is a classic and stylish gift that shows you care, and a custom color or style of band makes it a truly custom gift. One of our favorite options is the Apple Watch Series 6, which lets you choose any style and color of case and band. 

Tickets To A Show Or Concert 

Sometimes, experiences are the most treasured gift of all. If your friend or family member is a theater lover or avid concert-goer, we highly recommend getting them tickets to a local event. If you need some inspiration, check out Ticketmaster and browse their event listings for show or concert ideas. If you know of a great local venue, look up upcoming events and snag some great seats for a 60th birthday gift that is sure to surprise. 

Classy 60th Birthday Whisky Decanter

For the whisky lovers out there, this classy decanter with whisky tumblers is a fun addition to anyone’s collection. Both decanter and glasses come customized with your recipient’s name and birthdate, making this gift extra special. Add in their favorite bottle of whisky or scotch, and you’ve got a 60th birthday gift that truly is “aged to perfection”!

A Jar Full Of Meaningful Notes

This sentimental gift doesn’t require any shopping, just a little time and consideration! You and other friends or family can fill a jar full of encouraging, loving, and cherished notes. This thoughtful 60th birthday gift keeps on giving each time your loved one opens one of their special notes! If you are short on time, consider a pre-filled jar of friendship notes as a sweet gift to a treasured friend. 

Echo Dot Smart Speaker With Clock

Sometimes, the gift that will make day-to-day life easier (and more enjoyable) is the perfect way to say happy birthday. The Echo Dot smart speaker and clock is a low-profile home assistant, speaker, and clock all in one. Say happy 60th to your friend or family member with a gift they can use around the home for music, playing podcasts while they cook, making shopping lists, and so much more. 

Stylish And Rust-Resistant Flask Gift Set

For a gift that is both stylish and classic, you can’t go wrong with this rust-resistant flask gift set. The flask comes with a funnel and two shot glasses (all made from rust-resistant stainless steel), so your friend or family member can enjoy every last drop of that favorite beverage. The engraved 60th birthday message makes the flask a memorable gift for your favorite 60-year-old. 

Funny Mug With Age 60 Witty Sayings

Wit and wisdom go hand in hand, which is why these witty birthday mugs make a great gift for any 60-year-old. Choose from a selection of funny (and sometimes scandalous) sayings or customize the mug. Either way, your recipient gets a good laugh each day with their new birthday mug. 

Massage Gun For Deep Tissue Massage

Give the gift of a deep tissue massage with this massage gun. Instead of a single-use gift certificate for a spa, this massage gun is the perfect addition to your loved one’s home spa. They will enjoy the benefit of a deep tissue massage any time they want, relieving everyday muscle stiffness and soreness. 

Sentimental 60th Birthday Photo Banner [Bonus]

We’re all about going big for the 60th birthday, which is why we couldn’t resist this birthday gift bonus! Add a little nostalgia and fun to any 60th birthday party with this sentimental photo banner. You can include photos of the birthday boy or girl from across the years, or make it a family photo album with pictures of your birthday recipient and loved ones. This also makes a wonderful gift from a distance. Simply mail it to a family member who can hang it as a surprise on your loved one’s birthday.

Travel Leather Homemade Scrapbook [Bonus]

Our final bonus 60th birthday gift idea truly is the gift that keeps on giving. For those who love to travel (or plan to travel more in their 60s!), this beautiful leather scrapbook provides everything they need to capture their fun travel memories. Add in some scrapbooking tools and pens for a perfect DIY gift. If your loved one isn’t much of a scrapbooker, fill the book with photos and memories for a 60th birthday gift they’ll never forget.  

Final Thoughts

Birthdays are all about celebrating loved ones, sharing recollections, and making memories. Finding the right 60th birthday gift for your loved one could be as simple as capturing some favorite times from the past six decades in a gorgeous keepsake memory book. Whether you choose to celebrate with sentimental, thoughtful or hilarious gifts, your loved one will feel extra special on his or her 60th birthday!

15 Best Teacher Retirement Gift Ideas

Teacher Giving Thumbs Up In Front Of Chalk Board

We all carry fond memories of our favorite teachers, whether we were in school yesterday or fifty years ago. Teachers impact our lives in tangible ways—with the practical knowledge we need to thrive—and also in a million little ways; a smile and a thumbs up when we do well, an encouraging word when the subject is challenging. We can often even credit teachers for guiding us toward a career, artistic endeavor, or goal that shapes our future. When it comes time to celebrate the retirement of a significant teacher in your life, finding the perfect gift is challenging. How do you encompass years of gratitude and appreciation in a single gift? We have a special place in our hearts for teachers and we’re here to help! We’ve curated a guide with our absolute favorite teacher retirement gift ideas. Make your teacher’s retirement a little extra memorable with one of these unique gifts. 

Arrange A Surprise Teacher Retirement Party

Teacher Instructing Student In Library

Nothing quite says “we appreciate you” like a surprise retirement party! Many teachers don’t expect a celebration hosted or arranged by their students, let alone a retirement party. Arranging a surprise celebration is the perfect way to remind a teacher of their impact on your life and the lives of the many students they’ve taught over the years.

Last year, a local high school choir teacher retired after over thirty years of teaching. Former students worked with the school and current students to turn his final choir concert into a surprise retirement party. The former students surprised the teacher by joining the choir on stage to sing the closing number. Afterward, with cake and drinks in hand, students shared fond memories of their time in the choir and even shared videos from graduates who lived across the country and couldn’t be at the retirement party. The choir teacher got to see firsthand how many generations of students he impacted.

Tips To Host A Successful Party for Teachers

A surprise teacher retirement party is an extra memorable way to celebrate your teacher. So where do you even begin? Every retirement party is as unique as the person you’re celebrating, but there are a few things to consider in order to make your teacher feel special.

Include As many Current And Former Students As Possible

Invite students to collaborate on a retirement memory book that you give to your teacher at the party. That way those who don’t live locally can still take part. The more memories you can share with your teacher, the better!

Invite The Teacher’s Family And Loved Ones To Take Part

Family members will love the idea of a teacher retirement party and can help create an event that is both personal and unique.

Pick A Theme

Keep the party lighthearted and teacher-centric by picking a theme related to who the teacher is, something they love, or the topic(s) they teach. This also helps others in choosing an appropriate gift to bring to the party.

Have Fun!

If there is anything all teachers have in common is their desire to impact the next generation through knowledge. Have fun reminding your teacher of the true value and reach of their career.

It’s A Time To Treat Themselves Instead Of Others

Retirement, and even the retirement party, is a time to treat yourself after a career of focusing on the wellbeing of others. This is especially true for teachers who have spent years, even decades, helping and guiding students. 

Keep the focus on your teacher at her retirement party by taking time sharing fun, humorous, and thoughtful memories. Share your class’s collaborative memory book with fun reminders of years gone by. And help your teacher treat himself throughout retirement with gifts that allow them to spend time focused on themselves. A gift card to a local spa or a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant is a great way to give the gift of relaxation. You can even work together as a class or group to give your teacher a weekend away to kick off their retirement in style.

Retirement Gifts For Teachers With A Good Sense Of Humor

Not all retirement gifts need to be sentimental! While showing your teacher the value they brought to their students is important, so is picking a gift that is personal. For teachers with a great sense of humor, consider choosing a more humorous gift that gets them laughing, like the New Yorker Book of Teacher Cartoons.

If your teacher is interested in specific hobbies, foods, beverages, or activities, focus on a gift that speaks to who they are! For the adventurous teacher, consider a scratch-off poster of the world or a book of travel ideas. For teachers who like a good joke, create a t-shirt or mug with their favorite quote or something funny they are known for saying.

15 Best Retirement Gift Ideas for Teachers

Finding the right gift for the right occasion can be challenging. We’ve created inspiration for gift ideas for all kinds of special events, including anniversaries, high school and college graduation, birthday parties, and of course, retirement

When it comes to your teacher, there are a million ways to make their retirement feel special. These are just a few of our favorite teacher retirement gift ideas!

Because I Had a Teacher Hardcover Book

For the moments when you need a heartwarming and sentimental gift of thanks, this book is the perfect gift. Because I Had a Teacher is a picture book designed to share all of those special things that our favorite teacher taught us. It will land a special place on your teacher’s bookshelf.

Compass Necklace

This sterling silver compass necklace is a truly heartfelt teacher retirement gift. Not only does the compass symbolize the adventure ahead in retirement, but the many lives your teacher helped to shape and guide. 

Retirement Gift Box

During this season of COVID, sometimes the best and safest way to give a gift is to send something special through the mail. This adorable retirement gift box includes a hand-planted succulent (locally grown in Los Angeles), a scented candle, a personalized gift card, and fun, colorful matches. They ship the contents directly to your teacher in a beautifully printed gift box.

Wine Bottle Stickers 

If you know your teacher loves a great bottle of wine, spice it up with these humorous retirement wine bottle stickers. Give your teacher a laugh as they enjoy their wine labeled, “Sip sip, hooray!” or “Why limit happiness to just one hour? You’re retired!”

Personalized Golf Balls

Keep your teacher retirement gift personal and fun with these personalized gifts from NowThatsPersonal on Etsy! For the golf-loving teacher, give a collection of golf balls with the message “Retirement is in full swing,” or choose from many fun personalized golfing gifts!

Personalized Retirement Beer Glass

Another fun and personal gift is this personalized beer glass from DUSTandTHINGS. Have your personal message hand engraved on the mug, including your teacher’s name, the years she taught, or any special message that will make her smile every time she pours a beer.

Retirement Stepping Stone

This is the perfect gift for every teacher’s garden! This beautiful hand-painted stepping stone includes a painted chestnut tree and is completely customizable. Add a special message to your teacher, including his or her name, or even add your name and date to the back of the stone as a lasting reminder that their career as a teacher changed your life.

Steeplechase Vineyards Spa Collection Gift Basket

Give your teacher the retirement gift of relaxation with this gorgeous wine and spa gift basket. The basket includes two bottles of wine (chardonnay and merlot) and a full collection of lavender vanilla scented spa products for the perfect at-home spa night. This is a great option for the hardworking teacher who loves to relax at home with a tasty glass of wine.

Kindle PaperWhite Reader

For the book lover in every teacher, what better way to celebrate retirement than the gift of reading! The Kindle PaperWhite is an e-reader that can hold many books and magazines and is lightweight and perfect for traveling on all those post-retirement trips. You can even add to your gift with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited for 1-12 months to get your teacher started building their retirement reading library.

Retired Wine Tumbler

This fun wine tumbler is also a friendly reminder to your teacher that you will always appreciate her. The insulated rose gold tumbler, with the message “You can’t retire from being great!” serves as a lifelong reminder to your that her influence as a teacher is never-ending.

Gourmet Biscotti

While an Italian vacation may not be within reach, you can still give the sweet taste of Italy as a retirement gift. Barnett’s Gourmet Biscotti comes in an elegant gift box and includes either 12 or 24 pieces of hand-dipped biscotti cookies. Each biscotti is topped with a unique flavoring, making this a fun gift for your teacher to enjoy during her relaxing, retired afternoons with her favorite cup of coffee.

Personalized Garden Tools

Does your teacher love to garden? These personalized garden tools are an extra special teacher retirement gift and a glorious reminder that retirement means more time to spend in the garden! AllAboutImpressions offers ten different font options giving you the opportunity to give your teacher a truly personalized retirement gift. You can even turn this into a fun class gift by including a wheelbarrow of plants and seeds along with your personalized garden tools.

Personalized Cutting Board

This personalized cutting board is great for the baker or cook in everyone! If you don’t like the example message, no problem! Simply have your solid maple cutting board laser engraved by the seller. Ideas include fun quotes, sayings, or simply your teacher’s name and date of retirement.

Leather Catchall Tray

We can all use a bit more organization in our lives, your teacher included! This gorgeous leather catchall tray is a fun way to commemorate your teacher’s retirement while giving them a fun organizational tool for their home. The seller, PaperAnniversaryLove, even allows you to send a custom logo or graphic (not just lettering) to engrave on your teacher’s leather tray.

Retirement Coloring Book

This relaxing teacher retirement gift is a hint to your teacher that the next season brings with it plenty of time to enjoy life. Each page of the retirement coloring book includes fun and timely reminders to your teacher that he worked hard and now is the perfect time to relax, rest, and maybe even explore the world.

Find the Perfect Teacher Retirement Gift

Need more retirement gift ideas? We’ve got you covered! Visit Newlywords.com for more great retirement gift suggestions or to create the perfect retirement collaborative memory book. 

We believe teachers are a significant gift to society and deserve to be showered with fun, memorable, and unique gifts at retirement. Be sure to check out any of the above gifts and have fun customizing the perfect gift for your favorite teacher.