75 Thoughtful Gifts for Mom on Their Birthday

Moms who do the most, deserve the most. If your mom, or a mom you know is having a birthday, it’s an excellent time to find a thoughtful gift that shows how much you care about her! Mom’s birthday is a time when she gets to be showered with attention, so make the most of it. Read on for a list of 75 ideas of birthday gifts for mom and find the one that best fits the mom you’ll be celebrating.

Make Your Mother’s Birthday Special

There are many ways to make mom’s birthday special along with gifts to go the extra mile, which she’s sure to love! Making the entire day special can include:

  • Cooking her favorite breakfast. She’ll love getting spoiled with her favorite meal first thing in the morning!
  • Take her to places she loves. Whether this means going to her favorite restaurant, nature spot, or shopping, help her spend the day in a way she’ll enjoy.
  • Give the gift of self-care. This can be a spa treatment, a haircut, acupuncture or a beach day. She deserves a day of rest and relaxation!
  • The birthday celebration: Small or large, surprise or planned… you know her best! Make sure to include cake and candles, her favorite drink and food and gifts to make it a proper birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes for Mother

“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Along with the gift for mom’s birthday comes the card, which is another challenge in and of itself. Here are some ideas of birthday wishes to get you started:

General wishes:

  • Use your favorite nickname for your mom.
  • Think about creative and flattering descriptions of your mom’s personality, and use those. Examples: loving, funny, classy.
  • Write what you wish for your mom for the coming year – good health, happiness, or that trip she’s dreaming of.

Funny wishes:

  • Use inside jokes you and mom share.
  • “Thanks for not telling the others I’m your favorite child!” or “Happy birthday from your favorite child (I know I don’t need to sign because you know who I am)!”
  • “Stop aging so gracefully! I can’t measure up to these standards.”
  • Joke about being the perfect child.

Loving wishes:

  • Write about special memories – “I love that time we…” “I’ll always treasure the memory of…”
  • “Thank you for being…” (the best ____, there for me always, etc.)
  • “You taught me to…”
  • “Cheers to…”
  • Write your hopes and wishes for mom.

75 Outstanding Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

A Photo Collage of Friends and Family

A collage from Zazzle is something she can treasure and hang on the wall, so it won’t just sit around. She’s sure to appreciate a high-quality collage of photos of people she loves.

An Indoor Plant

Does your mom love indoor plants? How much does she know about caring for plants? You can buy indoor plants for every skill level, so whether or not you know if your mom has a plant she wants, you can browse this list of suggestions and find one she’s sure to love.

A Personalized Memory Book for Mother

Get all the family – or siblings, friends, or work colleagues – together to collaborate on a memory book. Mom will get something she can look at over and over for years to come, whenever she wants a boost. The good news is, you don’t have to be in charge of much beyond letting people know and checking over the book, because everyone gets to contribute their messages and photos directly.

A Versatile Dutch oven

For the mom who loves to cook, or the mom who doesn’t love it and needs anything to make it easier, a cast-iron dutch oven in her favorite color is a perfect idea. She can marinate, refrigerate, cook and serve all in this dish that also keeps the heat of the food.

Coffee Subscription Box

For the mom who loves her morning joe, make sure she never runs out – and that she gets high-quality beans – with a coffee subscription box from Trade. They’ll create matches based on what she loves and you can customize delivery frequency and size. Once mom gets this in her life, she’ll never be bored with her coffee!

A Timeless Engraved Pocket Watch

Since your mom needs to tell the time anyway, why not help her check it in style? Nothing says class like a quality engraved pocket watch that can become an heirloom! Your mom will love that you’re giving her something that can be passed through the family.

A Cozy Weighted Blanket To Snuggle In

Give your mom the gift of a good nights’ sleep with a weighted blanket. This number one bestseller can be used with or without a duvet, so it can fit with any bedding, plus you can choose from a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

An Electric Kettle for Mom’s Tea

Give your mom a new, or upgraded, electric kettle that lets you set your exact temperature. It also has a keep warm option, built-in mineral build-up prevention and a memory function, so mom’s tea never has to be the wrong temperature again.

A Reversible Yoga Mat for Mom

If your mom does any exercise at home, a fun reversible yoga mat is the perfect gift because it will let her get more use than a one-sided mat, plus you can choose colors and designs she’ll love. This Gaiam reversible yoga mat is an excellent choice that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

A Pendant To Hold Dear To Her Heart

If your mom loves jewelry and family, get her an initial pendant like these from GLDN. You can choose her initials, or do a charm for each child with their initial and a heart charm, and choose your mom’s favorite type of metal. She’ll feel loved throughout each day when she wears this.

A Kindle Paperwhite For Moms That Love To Read

If your mom is always reading, the Kindle Paperwhite is the best way for her to have her books everywhere she goes. It uses screen technology like paper, so it’s not a strain on the eyes. Plus, the brightness level and text size can be adjusted. She can have as many books as she wants on every vacation and outing so she’ll never be bored.

A Custom Gift Basket of All Her Favorite Treats

Why not give mom more of what you already know she loves? Whether it’s wine, macarons, cake pops or charcuterie, you can get her a basket full of her favorite treats from Harry and David.

A Masterclass Subscription for Mom

Help your mom learn a new skill, or get better at one, whether it’s a hobby, for work or a dream business with a subscription to Masterclass. We never stop learning, and if your mom is the curious type she’s sure to love it!

A KitchenAid And Various Accessories

KitchenAids are the envy of most people who bake, so why not give your mom who bakes a KitchenAid that will last for years? Choose the one that’s perfect for her and then add accessories for things like grating to make it even more special.

A Clutch Keepsake Purse for Moms On-The-Go

Get mom a clutch that she can keep her phone and keys in that also has a photo of your choice in the lining! That way, she can have a keepsake and special photo wherever she goes.

A Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Help mom get her morning coffee fix with a top-rated cold brew coffee maker, which makes less acidic coffee than traditional brewing. This one is durable and BPA-free, and keeps grounds out of the brew. It can also make hot coffee and fits in most fridge doors.

An Apple Watch

Make mom’s life easier with an Apple Watch. She can answer calls and texts, use the calculator, check her heart rate and ECG, and much more with this small watch. Plus, you can choose a watch band that fits her personality.

A Mini Espresso Machine

Whether it’s to save kitchen counter space, price, or for traveling for on-the-go moms, she’s sure to love a mini espresso machine like the Picopresso. She’ll become an expert barista in no time.

A New Pair of Running Shoes For Active Moms

For the mom who’s an actual runner, gym goer, or just errand-runner, get her high-quality running shoes to keep her going in comfort for longer. Brooks has some of the best running shoes on the market for serious runners.

A Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

If your mom dries her hair, upgrade her hair dryer with Revlon’s popular one-step hair dryer and volumizer that styles and dries in just one step, reduces frizz and hair damage and adds volume and smoothness.

A Custom Candle To Make Her Cozy At Home

Get mom a candle that won’t be harmful for her health with these all-natural soy wax candles. Choose from a variety of fragrances to help mom relax and unwind.

A Shiny New Set of Gardening Tools

For the gardening mom, get her a high-quality set of tools to keep her gardening in style and make sure she has everything she needs. This gardening tool set has 12 pieces with comfortable gripping handles.

A Customized Bracelet for Mom

Customize mom’s bracelet with your own note, in your own handwriting (or the kids’) with these bracelets from Caitlyn Minimalist in the metal of your choice. She’ll have a keepsake she can wear and treasure for years to come.

The Always Pan To Reduce Kitchen Clutter

Help mom with the dishes and cooking with the Always Pan that replaces 8 traditional cookware types. She can cook pretty much anything in this pan, so no more banging around in the pan drawer or not being able to find the exact one she needs.

A Top-Of-The-Line Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

Make sure your mom never has to vacuum again with Roomba, which now works with Alexa voice control. This small robotic vacuum knows how to avoid objects, allows scheduling for cleaning at specific times, continuously learns your home to get better, and self-empties.

A Hammock For Relaxing Outside

Give mom the gift of relaxation with a durable eno hammock that fits two people, so you can join her. It can be used wherever you can find study trees, so whether you’re in the yard or camping, mom will be set to chill.

Lululemon Leggings for Comfort On-The-Go

For the mom that loves to train, or just loves athleisure, she’ll definitely flip over Lululemon leggings. There are various colors and styles, so choose one that fits hers.

A Luxurious Designer Bag

If your mom has designer handbag dreams, why not give her the bag she wants for her birthday? Ask her what her coveted brand and style is, or pick something that fits her style and include a gift receipt. Shops like Nordstrom have various brands and styles to choose from.

House Slippers for Ultimate Comfort

Who doesn’t dream of the comfiest slippers to wear around the house? If your mom is the type to put off buying these for herself, then these Intelex slippers should do the trick. They’re fully microwavable to help her warm up quickly, and are filled with all-natural grain and French lavender for relaxation.

Hooded Loungers For Those Lazy Sundays

Help mom relax with a hooded lounger, which comes in various styles and lengths from Softies. Loungers are a gift that’s sure to please, so if you don’t want to go wrong with clothing, this is an excellent option.

Harmony Trio Bracelets

Add to mom’s jewelry collection with stacked gold or silver harmony trio bracelets from Maya J., a family-run business. They’re classy and simple so anyone who loves jewelry can find an excuse to wear them.

Stylish Scarfs For Any Outfit

Get her a fun, fancy scarf – it’s a small item she can add to an outfit that’ll make her think of you while adding a pop of style and color.

A Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

Celebrate mom’s birthday with her birth month flower. These unique, eco-friendly necklaces from Uncommon Goods encase a small flower in a 3D heart shape so she can add something romantic to her jewelry collection.

A Lululemon Fanny Pack

Stylish, roomy fanny packs are in, and this fanny pack from Lululemon can be worn as a purse as well. Mom can carry anything, anywhere without having to keep up with a big purse.

Comfy Pajamas for Lounging

Replenish mom’s pajama stock with some comfy PJs, because who doesn’t love a comfy, new set? Athleta PJs include whatever styles your mom wears – pants or shorts, t-shirts or long-sleeved.

Fashionable Golden Bracelet Bands

A set of gold bracelet bands in a variety of widths is a great choice because they can be worn together or separate with nearly any outfit, and any jewelry-wearing mom will love them. This set from Kendra Scott is an excellent option.

Custom Engraved Bracelet

Whatever your mom’s jewelry style, engrave her name or a special message on a bracelet that she’ll wear from Thoughtful Impressions. They have metal cuffs, silicone bracelets, adjustable and leather bracelets.

A Collapsible Garden Seat for a Break in the Soil

For the gardening mom, a collapsible garden seat will save her from getting tired of kneeling to dig in the dirt. This collapsible garden bench includes pockets on the side for all her tools, too.

A Custom Fingerprint Necklace

For a piece she’ll absolutely treasure, put your fingerprints on this heart necklace mom can keep on her all the time. If you have kids, you can put their fingerprints on it so she can have them near her.

Accessorize Her Wardrobe with Round Reading Glasses

If your mom uses reading glasses, Zenni has super stylish round reading glasses that you can get to fit her face in all kinds of styles with scratch-resistant, UV protective and anti-reflective lenses.

Allbirds Women’s Eco-Friendly Sneakers

For the eco-friendly mom, get her some everyday sneakers from Allbirds in her favorite color. She’ll have high-quality shoes to go around town or travel that she’ll love to wear.

A Tempur-Pedic Cloud Pillow For Great Nights Of Sleep

These Tempur-Pedic pillows adjust to head shape and come with a hypo-allergenic cover, plus they roll into a smaller shape for easy packing, so mom can take her pillow with her wherever she goes and always get a good nights’ sleep.

Lavender Heat Pillow

This lavender pillow from Uncommon Goods is made to be put into the microwave and used for relaxation at the end of a long day so mom can rest her tired muscles.

Flower Bulbs to Sprout At Home

If your mom loves flowers, give her flower bulbs of her favorites to plant at home. You can even plant them for her, or include flower pots and soil with your gift.

A Luxury Soap Collection For The Bath

Get your mom luxury soaps from Bronnley, an England-based soap company that has all kinds of cool-looking soaps and packaging your mom will love to use for the bath.

A Cooling Blanket For Perfect Sleep

For a weighted blanket that won’t cause overheating, get mom a cooling weighted blanket for a good nights’ sleep. These blankets from Luxome are scientifically designed to help sleep while keeping cool, have no bunching, and are hypoallergenic and machine-washable.

Cutting Board With Engraved Recipes

For a gift that’s both practical and sentimental, print a favorite family recipe (in handwriting) on a cutting board. This Etsy shop prints them for you, so you can keep that favorite recipe both easy to find and easy to pass along to others.

A Custom Puzzle Of One Of Her Passions

These puzzles from Minted let you send in a photo of your choice and have it printed on a custom puzzle. Find a treasured family photo or inside joke and give mom a puzzle she can put together and possibly frame.

Shortbread Cookies With Custom Messages

Shortbread cookies are loved by many, but you can make them extra special for mom’s birthday with a special message printed onto each one from Uncommon Goods.

Collapsible Nylon Storage Containers

If your mom is outdoors-y and adventurous, or if she’s obsessed with storage, these collapsible nylon storage containers are foldable and can be used anywhere from the tops of trees to indoors.

Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Humor-loving moms will get a kick out of this snarky adult coloring book for moms! She’ll get to de-stress from mom life and laugh it off with this fun book.

A Reusable Canvas Carry All To Take Grocery Shopping

If your mom loves practical gifts, these reusable canvas bags are perfect for grocery shopping, besides being eco-friendly! She can keep them in her car and not have to use plastic bags.

An Interesting Picture Book To Share On The Coffee Table

Whatever your mom loves, there’s probably a coffee table book for it. Search this list of photo coffee table books for anything from travel to nature, to fashion and more to find something that will make her smile every day!

A Neck and Back Massager

Get this top-rated back and neck deep-tissue massage pillow from Zyllion, with soothing heat for tight and sore muscles. Mom will be relaxed in no time!

A Fluffy Throw Blanket

Who doesn’t love a brand-new fluffy throw to snuggle in while watching TV or reading in the evenings? Get mom this alpaca throw from Pottery Barn, made from faux fur and available in more than one size that will look amazing draped over the couch or mom’s favorite armchair.

Wanderlust Artisan Candles

Wanderlust Artisan Candles are 100% soy and free of toxic ingredients, but they also give part of their money to fund classroom needs for teachers. Especially if your mom is a teacher, this is perfect – either way, giving back is always a good idea!

A Digital Picture Frame To Share Her Memories

This top-rated digital picture frame will show multiple photos that change, so mom can put it in a favorite spot where she can see all her favorite people, places and things whenever she wants.

A Lamé Ruffle Bag

The Lamé Ruffle Bag is unique so your mom will love the style and colors that she can wear around town or on trips with this super-fashionable purse.

Women’s Plush Robe For Relaxation

Get a fleece robe with mom’s initials or name on it so no one will steal it ever again (or ever at all), and your mom can always feel like she’s living at a resort with a plush robe to relax in!

A Comfy Pullover Crewneck Sweater

Get mom a new favorite pullover sweater! This cashmere fisherman sweater from Nordstrom is ultra-classy, so she can feel good even when she’s dressing for comfort.

Custom Engraved Water Bottle

Put mom’s name on a Camelbak water bottle so she can bring it everywhere and not have to worry about losing it – plus, she’ll think of you for giving it to her.

Personalized Wall Clock To Keep Busy Moms On Schedule

Get your mom a wall clock with a background you decide on – a favorite photo, image or message – so she can always see it when she checks the time. It will give her a moment in her day to stop and think of nice things other than her to-do list.

A Smart Mug With Temperature Control

Make sure mom literally never has to worry about her coffee or tea getting cold again with Ember mugs! They come in regular mugs and travel mugs, and they work with an app to keep drinks at a temperature you choose for hours. The coaster that comes with them can keep drinks hot all day long, and they come with a safety switch as well.

A Custom Rug Of Her Interest

Build your own rug – or let your mom build her own – from The Rug Company. You can choose the color, size of the designs, and material to fit your budget and timeframe.

Wireless Heated Hand Massager

This wireless heated hand massager is perfect for anyone with joint issues, cold hands or other issues. It uses pressure massage to help with relaxation, helps circulation and prevents dryness, plus it’s wireless and portable.

Kitchen And Home Hanging Signs

If mom loves to cook, get her a kitchen sign that you get to pen. You can also do signs for other rooms of the house with loving or funny messages.

An Engraved Wooden Spoon For Cooking

Is mom always cooking and using her favorite wooden spoon? Why not give her a wooden spoon with a loving message from you? She can feel loved and appreciated whenever she cooks and she’ll treasure it forever.

An Insulated Tumbler for Coffee On-The-Go

Get mom a Yeti Rambler tumbler, one of the best insulated tumblers on the market for all her coffee and tea needs! She can bring it anywhere and everywhere, and keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours at a time.

A Spa Gift Box for Stress Relief

Give mom an at-home spa kit with soap, a candle, a bath bomb and more so she can really relax and have some self-care.

Fluffy Set Of Bath Towels

Get mom the high-quality, premium ultra fluffy bath towels of her dreams so she can take baths and showers in style!

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? These swivel cheese boards can be personalized and have sections for various cheeses and other items, so mom can always be ready to host (or just use for herself)! There’s even a hidden drawer in the bottom with a stainless steel cheese fork and two knives.

Cooling Eye Mask For Headaches

These reversible gel eye masks can be used as cool or warm compresses. They help with headaches and dry eyes, as well as puffiness and relaxation.

A Kitchen Spices and Seasonings Kit

Make sure mom can cook with all the seasonings for the best meals with a kit filled with every kind of spice she needs. Spicewalla has spice sets that are perfect as gifts to replace expired spices on mom’s rack and add new flavors.

An Electric Corkscrew for Wine Nights

Does mom love wine? Get her a top-rated rechargeable electric corkscrew that will look amazing on the kitchen counter as well as being super useful and making wine bottle opening simple and fun!

Face Masks for Aging Skin

Add to mom’s skincare routine with face masks made for anti-aging from Sephora. She’ll get softer skin and clear up some wrinkles in the process.


Your mom’s birthday – or anyone who’s a mom that’s special to you – is an important celebration! We know how special moms are, and how much they do for us, which is why giving a thoughtful gift and card for her birthday is an important way to show you care. We hope this list can help you find something that’s perfect for the mom you’re celebrating!

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