35 Best Retirement Gifts for Your Loved One

So your loved one is retiring, and you need a gift that’s perfect for them. We know that retirement gifts for close family members or friends deserve extra thought, which is why we curated this list of gifts with items meant to reflect that sense of closeness. Retirement is a special time that can be met with mixed emotions, and we took that into consideration as well. Browse through our list to find something that fits your loved one’s unique personality and interests!

What You Should Look for a Retirement Gift

When searching for that perfect retirement gift for your loved one, there are a few considerations that can help you choose the right thing. Think about:

  • Value: Monetary value won’t always ensure your loved one will appreciate their gift. A card is a thoughtful and necessary part of your gift, but there are definitely affordable gifts out there that they’ll love to add that extra emotional value to the occasion.
  • Practicality: Many retirement gifts are made to be funny, but the person getting the gift may not have an actual use for it, and it may get thrown into the giveaway pile or stowed away in storage. Instead of gag gifts, make sure your gift is usable and high-quality, and they’re sure to love it!
  • Setting: Consider where and when you’ll be giving the gift. Is it at a retirement party? Is the party in a home, at work or elsewhere? This can impact what you decide to get, and also if you want to go in on a bigger gift with multiple people.

35 Awesome Retirement Gift Ideas for 2022

A Personalized Retirement Photo Collage

Photos of cherished memories are always a good idea for loved ones. If it’s a close work friend, memories from work or quality time outside of work can remind the person that people care and make them recall good times. A collage like this one from Zazzle is perfect, because it’s easy to mount on the wall and looks nice in any room.

A Collaborative Memory Book For The Retired Person

Getting people to contribute to a memory book can require a lot of work from one person, but a collaborative memory book from NewlyWords literally takes the work off your hands because it allows people to put in their photos and words themselves, directly! All you have to do is check that everything looks good and order the book. Not only are words and photos meaningful, but a memory book is something they can go back to over and over and show off to others. It also lets them know the impact they made and continue to make in people’s lives.

A Garden Tool Set

If the retiree is already a gardener or plans to garden, a garden tool set is a practical gift they can appreciate and use for years to come. Check out this list of 7 best gardening tool sets to see which one fits the type of gardening your loved one is doing, whether they’ll be really digging in the dirt or planting small flowers.

A Beer Subscription Package

Every beer lover will be absolutely delighted by a craft beer-of-the-month subscription like this one that includes hard-to-find rare beers and will allow them to try new ones every month from the comfort of home, and without effort! They also send microbrews from all over the world, so your loved one can travel the globe from home as well.

Customized Playing Cards for Loved Ones

Print photos and/or messages of people, places and things on these customizable playing cards from Shutterfly. Whenever your loved one is playing cards at home, with family or others, they’ll have those special memories making their time that much sweeter.

An Engraved Pocket Watch

Engraved pocket watches are a timeless, classic gift for men and women, or anyone who appreciates things that feel meaningful that can become heirlooms. Engrave your personal message and more on a watch in the metal type that fits your loved one’s style and personality.

A Retirement Flower Box

The practice of giving flowers to show you care goes all the way back to ancient Egypt. If your loved one appreciates flowers, these preserved roses or another type of bouquet from 1-800-flowers is a great option. You’ll light up their day and their home with something fresh and alive.

Personalized Travel Tote

Monogrammed tote bags or backpacks are a great way to give someone a practical gift they’re sure to use for years to come. When you choose a high quality brand and engrave their initials, you can’t go wrong – but to be sure, consider their favorite color and/or style to make the gift even more personal.

A Reversible Yoga Mat

For any yogis or aspiring ones, or anyone who does workouts of any kind at home, a high-quality, nice yoga mat will be greatly appreciated. Gaiam is known for their yoga mats, as they specialize in everything yoga. They have various patterns and colors, and their yoga mats are reversible so they last longer.

A Smart Mug With Temperature Control

Make sure your loved one can always enjoy their coffee or other warm drinks of choice in their retirement with mugs that won’t let coffee get cold, ever – really! Ember mugs let you set your exact temperature on an app and they come with a coaster that keeps them warm all day long. Without the coaster, they also stay at temperature for hours at a time, so they work on the go as well as inside.

A Kindle Paperwhite for Avid Readers

The newest Kindle Paperwhite comes with adjustable warm light, and reads like paper so it takes away eye strain you get with normal screens. For any loved one who enjoys reading, a Kindle is an amazing gift because they can take it anywhere and have multiple books to read without having to carry around a ton of books.

Personalized Travel Journal

Journaling is not only a great way to process life and get to know yourself better, but it’s also the perfect way to capture memories and experiences. If your loved one plans to travel in retirement, this journal will have their name on it plus your personal message, so they can have a special place to write their experiences to share with you later!

A Mystery Book Box Subscription

For those who love a good whodunnit, a Mystery book subscription will keep them occupied and satisfied in their retirement with new books coming as fast as they can read them!

Heated Back and Neck Massager

This Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager is top-rated, and includes a 3D-kneading deep tissue massage pillow, heat and AC adapter. This is perfect for encouraging your loved one to relax in their retirement – because they deserve it – and relieves pain as well as tension.

A Collection of Luxurious Soaps and Incense

Get your loved one quality soaps, incense, and/or other luxury items without harsh chemicals to keep them relaxed and healthy. Flamingo Estate has garden-fresh soaps, candles, honey and other products that can make excellent gifts for those who either wouldn’t buy for themselves, or already do but would love more.

 A Personalized Retirement Mug

Designing a high-quality, unique mug like this one from Shutterfly is always an excellent gift idea for a loved one. They’ll use it every day and never tire of their high quality, special mug when their name, treasured photos or other special message is on it to bring them joy!

A Personalized Bird Feeder To Put At The Window

Delight bird watchers – and help burgeoning ones to begin appreciating the everyday joy – with a beautiful bird feeder they can put outside a window. This crafted wooden one with a super unique design is a great example.

A Custom Gift Basket Of Their Favorite Treats

Harry and David is a company that has any and every kind of gift basket you could ask for. Show your loved one you know them well with a basket full of their favorite treats, so that they can have something to munch on that will make them happy!

Tickets To A Event

If you know your loved one loves a good sporting event, play, concert or movie, give them tickets to a live performance or game, and they’ll be elated! You can also buy a gift card from a place like Ticketmaster so they can choose their own event and date or time.

A Retirement House Plant

Unless your loved one is a plant fanatic – and in that case, find out what plant they’re looking to add to their collection – there are plants that help air quality and are easy to care for that nearly anyone can keep alive. Check out this list of suggestions for easy care, low light, and more to find the perfect indoor plant for your retiree!

A Custom Chess Set

Isn’t the quintessential retirement dream to be playing chess daily in the park? For any retiree who plans on this lifestyle, or anyone who wants to play chess in general, a personalized chess set is a really special idea. Plus, chess keeps brains active and healthy for years to come!

A Cooling Weighted Blanket For Perfect Sleep

Studies show that sleeping in cooler temperatures is healthier and gives a better nights’ sleep. You can also give this to people in hot climates or who complain about being too hot at night. These blankets from Luxome are weighted and cool, so they keep from collecting heat while providing weight – the perfect combo for amazing sleep.

A Fitbit to Maintain Fitness

Fitbits are a great way to get motivated to stay healthy, and to track health in general. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, they’ve helped people with insomnia, to survive heart attacks, improve mental health, save lives and more – read the stories here.

 A Whiskey Making Kit

For anyone who appreciates a good whiskey, what can top a whiskey-making kit? It’s the perfect retirement hobby and they get some good whiskey out of the deal – practical and fun. This set from Uncommon Goods lets them pick their own vodka, wood chips and botanicals so they can play around with flavor and become an expert!

An Airbnb Gift Card For Any Travel Desires

Give the gift of travel to anywhere with an Airbnb gift card, so your retiring loved one can live the life of their dreams. Airbnbs exist all over the world so they really can travel anywhere their heart desires!

A Lightweight (Travel) Hammock for Outdoor Lounging

A lightweight, durable best-on-the-market hammock that can even fit two people is an excellent gift, not only for outdoor lovers but also for anyone who wants to hammock in their own backyard as they soak up being retired and all the freedom it brings!

A Retiree Personal Insulated Tumbler

An insulated Tumbler with their name on it (or other personalization) like this Yeti travel mug is something practical that every retiree can love, because they can use it at home or on the go and it will keep their drinks hot or cold for hours on end.

A Personalized Lounging Robe

Help your loved one retire in style with a personalized robe they can lounge in to feel like they’re at a resort, anytime, to feel the benefits of their new retirement lifestyle!

A Masterclass Subscription For Continuous Learning

Whether they want to become vegetarian, learn to cook better, improve their singing or start a business in retirement, a Masterclass is an out-of-this-world gift. It can help improve their lives, because we never stop learning!

A Custom Golf Bag For the Golf Links

Give golfers a customized bag for their golf clubs and more so they can get more out of their time at the golf course and always know which bag is theirs!

An Audio Book Subscription

A subscription to Audible allows anyone to listen to any book, anywhere, anytime from their headphones! They don’t even have to be reading to enjoy great books – this is perfect for anyone who gets car sick, has sight issues, or just loves to be outdoors but wants to listen to something.

Luxurious Candles

All natural, non-toxic candles are a great gift that can induce relaxation without harming the air or your retiree’s health. Check out this list of ideas, and choose what scent your loved one will love.

A Monthly Book Subscription

Whether your loved one retiring is already an avid reader or not, a book of the month subscription can motivate them to discover new worlds through novels. You can pick which type of books interest them or go random so they can discover new genres. The books save on cost and take the research time out of finding new books.

Cozy Retirement Socks

Give that crazy sock-lover what they want – more funky socks! These socks from Etsy are unparalleled, because you can put your loved one’s face on the socks with a retirement message! They’ll love showing these off to everyone, and probably annoying you in the process (but you know you love it).

Personalized Retirement T-Shirt

Give your loved one a personalized retirement T-shirt with an inside joke or other message just for them, like this one from Not On The High Street!

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Retirement Gifts on 2022

What is a good retirement gift?

The best gift you can give to someone retiring will reflect their value back to them so they feel appreciated. It’s more about bringing memories, letting them know they’re special and meeting their interests and goals in any way possible. Think about the individual and make sure the gift is something they’ll like (don’t buy for yourself, or get a cheap gag gift). Ask friends or family of the retiree if you need help. A heartfelt message, donation or online subscription to a skill class for new hobbies are great ideas. Check out our list of pandemic gift ideas for retirees and celebrations for more.

How do you thank someone who is retiring?

A gift is a great way to thank a retiree who has impacted or helped you, but a thoughtful note goes an extra long way to help them really know that you appreciate them. Not only will they be able to read your words, which are way more meaningful than just a gift, but they’ll get to keep reading them whenever they need a reminder or pick-me-up, which people always appreciate. Something like a collaborative memory book can help you do this with multiple people at once, and give something that is high-quality that can be read and treasured in the years to come.

What’s a good retirement gift for a man?

Think about the man as an individual and consider his hobbies and interests. If he has certain goals for retirement, think about those as well. Giving something that shows you pay attention can go a long way! Some generic ideas include engraved watches, personalized liquor glasses or tumblers, personalized grill sets, golf clubs or a wallet or travel bag, journal or a collaborative memory book. Additionally you can read our guide on the Best Retirement Gifts for a Man.

What’s a good retirement gift for a woman?

Think about the woman as an individual and consider her hobbies and interests. If she has certain goals for retirement, think about those as well. Giving something that shows you pay attention can go a long way! Some generic ideas include engraved watches, personalized liquor or wine glasses, personalized coffee mugs or tumblers, an espresso machine, hammock or journal or a collaborative memory book.


We hope this list of researched ideas can help you find a perfect retirement gift for your loved one! Whether it’s a tangible or intangible item, memories or thoughts that they can read over and over, we know they’ll feel your appreciation with the time and consideration you’ve put into making their gift special.

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