28 Hilariously Funny Retirement Gifts To Send Your Coworker

Ahhh, retirement… that time of life that many people anticipate. Whether the retirement at hand is celebratory or otherwise, humor is always an excellent way to approach retirement gifts. While funny retirement gifts can be gag gifts, they certainly don’t have to be – they can be thoughtful at the same time.

Wondering what to get your retiring coworker that will make them laugh? This list has a wide variety of options to help you find the perfect gift, so read on for considerations and ideas!

What Makes a Great Retirement Gift

What separates the good from the great retirement gifts? It’s when the retiree’s personality, likes and dislikes, and dreams are taken into consideration first.
A great gift is more than a gift; it’s something that will make the recipient feel something, to bring fond memories or a laugh for years to come. A great gift reflects your appreciation, respect and relationship with your coworker. Read on for key considerations to help plan your gift.

Considerations Before Choosing Retirement Gifts for Coworkers 

  1. Decide what kind of “funny” is acceptable for the person

Gag gifts can be fun, but they’re not always funny to the person on the receiving end. This may be because they find the gag gift offensive, but it may also simply be that they feel that a gift they won’t use is wasteful. On the other hand, some people love a good gag gift, because it makes for a fun time for everyone involved!

Decide based on the person if a “gag gift” type of funny or a more sentimental funny is appropriate. More sentimental gifts can be just as, if not more, hilarious with funny memories, inside jokes or the person’s unique sense of humor to create a unique gift that can definitely feel more special than a cliché gag.

  1. Consider gifting as a group

Many times, coworkers choose to chip in for one group gift. Group gifts can bring more communal laughs than individual ones when they’re thoughtful. Something that includes heartfelt messages is perfect.

  1. Make it more about your relationship than the event

Retirement can be bittersweet, and a heartfelt message can mean a lot. Since retirements aren’t always the person’s choice (or they may have to find more work), stay away from being overly focused on congratulating and instead, focus on thoughts about your relationship, the difference they made, or funny memories.

  1. Consider their personality, hobbies and retirement goals

Have they talked about what they want to do when they retire, such as travel or taking up a pottery class? Are they an avid golfer, traveler or gardener? Or do you know they have a passion or hidden talent?

If you’re not sure, ask a spouse or close friend. Then, get a gift to help them chase after all their retirement dreams and goals.

  1. Choose a gift they can experience over and over again

A retirement gift should be more than a lazy store bought item or card. A great gift will make the recipient feel something, not just once but each time they see or use the gift for the years to come. Creativity makes for the most treasured gifts because they’re personal.

  1. Think about if the gift needs to be big or small 

Is your coworker going to take off and travel? Is he or she a minimalist or maximalist? Sometimes it’s best to go with something small. Whether you should go big or small depends on the person, your relationship with them, and their plans for retirement. They may not want to be burdened down with more “stuff”, as they may even be looking to downsize.

28 Unique Funny Retirement Gifts That They Will Love

Coworker Funny Memory Book

For a perfect collaborative gift that checks all the boxes – thoughtful, hilarious, and memorable enough to be a keepsake for years to come – gift this collaborative memory book with funny memories and photos! Each coworker can contribute on their own, so the process is simplified and the work is done for you. The recipient will have a memory book full of things to look back on whenever he or she is feeling nostalgic, needs a laugh or wants to share with friends and family!

Funny Message Coffee Mug

Since everyone loves a good favorite mug for their daily coffee, tea or other favorite beverage, choose a ready-made retirement mug, like this hilarious “weekly schedule” mug perfect as a gift from a coworker!

Scratch Off Map For Travelers

If the retiree is going to travel, a scratch off map gives them a fun, visual and interactive bucket list that they can show off as they go! You can find world or USA scratch-off maps for whatever kind of travel they’re going to be doing.

Funny Message Toilet Paper

This one is for the jokers! This funny retiree toilet paper is a fun gag gift that isn’t a waste of money, because it’s still usable in a practical sense – and, everyone will get a laugh when they see the retiree open this one!

Personalized Coffee Gift Basket

Does your retiring coworker love coffee, or do you have a lot of memories gathering around the coffee pot at work? This one is for coffee lovers, travelers, and travel aspiring retirees. This basket includes coffee from all around the globe for travel via coffee!

Engraved Pocket Watch

This vintage pocket watch with leather case can be engraved with a special message for any retiree! It has a classic style and you get to choose a funny, heartfelt message or other engraving to personalize.

Potty Putter Toilet Golf

Another gag-inspired gift, this mini golf set is for those that love golf and a good joke – plus, they’ll likely actually use this gift, which will make it even more hilarious when everyone watches them open it!

Personalized BBQ Grilling Utensils

Engrave a special grill utensil set for the ones who are going to be grilling in style in retirement. This will give them a way to have special memories for the years to come, and maybe even invite you over!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If the retiree is going to have extra time on their hands – and alternatively, if they’ll be needing to save money – there’s no better time to improve their coffee making skills! Give them a cold brew coffee maker so they can make the perfect cup of iced coffee right from the comfort of home.

Retirement Shot Glasses

Send your coworker into retirement in style with a funny retirement shot glass. They’ll have something they can display and/or use, whether they collect shot glasses or can just use a good one that will bring back great memories.

Retirement Whiskey Glasses

Is the retiree a whiskey-lover? Then they’ll love nothing more than a personalized set of whiskey glasses, or a funny retirement set to mark the occasion – then they can relive the good memories over and over.

Personalized Cutting Board

Hopefully, retirement for some people means a lot of really good cooking, now that they have the time! Anyone who stays at home, or in an RV to travel, can use a good cutting board, so why not give them a special engraved cutting board?

Engraved Travel Journal

Make sure the traveling retiree has a place to write down all their experiences, so they can have a keepsake no matter where they go! An engraved journal will give them personal travel experiences to remember.

Day of the Week Clock

A day of the week clock only keeps track of what day it is, so your retiring coworker can get a good laugh and remember their newfound freedom! Tell them they’ll have to call you to get the actual time to make sure they keep in touch.

Funny Message Engraved Tumbler

Get a high-quality Yeti or other tumbler with your personalized message for the retiree. They’ll be using this mug a lot, at home and on the road and they’ll get a good laugh and memories with every use.

Funny Retirement Baseball Cap

Retirees can live up their retirement in style, and make sure everyone knows it with this fun baseball cap with a message. This one even comes with a sash they can wear to parties.

Digital Picture Frame 

A digital WiFi picture frame is a perfect retirement gift to house treasured memories. You can fill it with photos you know they’ll get a good laugh from, and they get control over changing the photos as needed.

Retirement Chef’s Apron

A funny retirement apron is a perfect gift idea for chefs, or aspiring chefs out there. With all the options of messages available, it’s easy to find one your retiree will resonate with!

Funny Retirement Book

Funny retirement books, like You’re Only Old Once!: A Book for Obsolete Children by Dr. Seuss, or She Explores, which tells adventure stories of retirees, are great ideas for a good laugh and inspiration!

Funny Hanging Retirement Sign

Give a funny hanging retirement sign for a good laugh. Any retiree can find somewhere to hang a sign like this one where it will make other people laugh, too.

Funny Retirement Koozies

Every fun-loving retiree who drinks any beverage from a can will get a kick out of these fun koozies with various retirement jokes and sayings, that can double as party favors.

Personalized Retirement Bottle Opener

Another beverage-inspired idea, this hangable bottle opener can be personalized for someone’s retirement so it can be a new staple in their home decor to turn heads and bring smiles.

Funny Engraved Beer Caddy

Print inside jokes or retirement sayings on a beer caddy like this one with a built-in bottle opener so the retiree can bring it everywhere – you can put their name on it too, so they can be sure to let people know they’re retired and loving it!

Solo Stove Portable Fire Pit

Help retirees turn their backyards into a place they always want to be – especially now that they don’t have to be at work instead! Give them a solo stove portable fire pit so they can enjoy time with family and friends.

 Funny Retirement T-shirt

A funny retirement t-shirt with a message like “I’m retired, do it yourself” will be something a retiree will find themselves wearing for fun around family and friends so they can joke about it all day long!

Lightweight Hanging Hammock

What says “I’m retired and I’m loving it” better than hammocking? Eno has the best hammocks, and they come in sizes for one or two people. Help your coworker make relaxation his or her new lifestyle.

Gift an Experience

When in doubt, go the experience route! Gifting anything from in-person or online skill classes to event tickets, gift cards or money towards a trip they want to take will be appreciated by any retiree.

 Oil Painting Of A Work Memory

Use one or multiple photos to create a sentimental or hilarious work memory oil painting for the retiree! This will show that you put real thought and effort into getting a gift that will be remembered forever… and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to get the best laugh!

Frequently Asked Questions on Funny Retirement Gifts

How much money should you give a coworker for retirement?

If it’s a collective group effort, a monetary gift from $5-$20 per person is standard, and you may want to go ahead and match what others are giving. If it’s from just you, anything from $30-$50 is acceptable. Consider your relationship with the person – how close are you? Also consider their years at the business and that you worked together, plus think about what else they’re getting or what’s being done to honor them.

What is the best gift to give a coworker who is retiring?

The best gift you can give to a retiring coworker is something that will reflect their value to them, and make them feel special. If it can bring good memories, it’s an excellent choice, and if it’s something they want or that aligns with their interests, hobbies or goals, then it’s also a great choice. The key is to think about the person you’re giving the gift to and make sure it’s a gift they’ll appreciate – don’t buy it for yourself. Ask their friends or family if you’re unsure. A heartfelt note, donation to a charity they like or tickets to something they’ll love can also go a long way, as can a subscription to online or in-person skill classes for new hobbies. If your coworker is also your boss, you can check out our article on the best boss retirement gifts.

Where can I find a unique retirement gift idea?

Check out this blog post for ideas for unique retirement gift ideas! If you’re still feeling stuck, look at the considerations in this blog post and write down what you know about the person. You can also talk to their other friends and family to get more ideas of what they might love.

What is an appropriate retirement gift?

Appropriate retirement gifts include thoughtful notes from individuals or groups – like in a collaborative memory book; money, tickets to events or charity donations; or any item that will make the person laugh or be something they can use that aligns with their interests or retirement goals. This can be something they can use to travel or do a hobby like golf, or decor items. Personalizing items like beverage glasses or tumblers, watches and more can make the gift extra meaningful.

What do you give a man for a retirement party?

Think about the man as an individual and consider his hobbies and interests. If he has certain goals for retirement, think about those as well. Giving something that shows you pay attention can go a long way! Some generic ideas include engraved watches, personalized liquor glasses or tumblers, personalized grill sets, golf clubs or a wallet or travel bag, journal or a collaborative memory book. Additionally you can read our guide on the Best Retirement Gifts for a Man.

What do you give a woman for a retirement party?

Think about the woman as an individual and consider her hobbies and interests. If she has certain goals for retirement, think about those as well. Giving something that shows you pay attention can go a long way! Some generic ideas include engraved watches, personalized liquor or wine glasses, personalized coffee mugs or tumblers, an espresso machine, hammock or journal or a collaborative memory book.


The key to a hilariously funny retirement gift for your coworker is to consider who they are as a person, like their hobbies and goals. Think about their sense of humor and what they’ll get a kick out of, whether that be a funny gag gift or a sentimental gift with inside jokes. People appreciate when a gift or note reflects how well they’re known by others, so make it all about them and you can’t go wrong! We hope you find some inspiration from our comprehensive list. 

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