45 Remarkable Retirement Gifts for Your Boss

Your boss’s retirement is a huge milestone that demands proper celebration! Choosing a retirement gift that will show the value they added to the workplace, as well as your appreciation for their dedication, is a tall order.

There are some things to consider, including what to say or write in the card with the gift, that we’ll talk about in this article before listing 45 excellent gift options for retirement gifts for your boss for every budget. So, let’s get started.

What Makes A Great Retirement Gift?

More retirees now, more than ever before, are deciding to live life to the fullest with new adventures, and your boss probably has some sweet retirement goals they’re looking forward to pursuing. If you know them well enough, consider their hobbies and personality when getting them a gift; even if not, this list will also give you some options you can’t go wrong with for the best retirement gifts to mark a moment this momentous!

Considerations Before Buying A Gift For Your Boss

When buying a retirement gift for your boss, we know your budget is an important consideration. Finding a gift that isn’t cliche, but that is affordable is possible, which is why we have something for every budget that is sure to stand out with the perfect balance of sentimentality and fun, because retirement is a mix of both!

You’ll also need to consider what to get for your boss that reflects their personality and hobbies. Whether or not you already have a good idea of these, finding a memorable gift that will be cherished for years to come can be tough; whether you know your boss well or not, this list will give you ideas to find something unique they’ll be sure to treasure.

What To Say To A Retiring Boss

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” -Mother Teresa

Your gift will speak for itself, but won’t say everything that you want to say to your boss. Wishing them well in their next chapter, thanking them for their dedication, and letting them know they made a difference, in words, are what will stick with them. “It’s the thought that counts” goes the extra mile when you put those thoughts into writing.

You can make your message sentimental, humorous, or celebratory, depending on your boss’s personality and your relationship with them. Here are some ideas to get you started on crafting the perfect message:

  • Share a favorite memory.
  • Let them know they made a difference to you and/or the workplace (did they touch lives, always have the best ideas, or were they a great manager that will be missed?).
  • Encourage them to relax like it’s their job, focus on their own dreams and passions, or whatever they need or want to do now that they’re retired, knowing they’ll put their work ethic into different things since they’ll never stop being active and “working”.
  • Let them know you still want to see them, whether it’s outside of the workplace or to stop by and say hi at work.
  • Let them know their influence lives on in the workplace and that they’ll be remembered for a long time to come.
  • Joke that they can call and pretend to boss you around if they miss it too much.
  • Congratulate them and send them off into retirement wishing them well.

45 Unique Retirement Gifts Ideas For Your Boss 

Handmade Portrait Painting

A handmade portrait or caricature can be hung on the wall, but also can be used in other ways. If you’re throwing a party, consider getting this printed on party favors and/or the cake. Make sure you get this gift from a talented artist so that it looks tasteful.

Retirement Memory Book

“Good words are worth much, and cost little.” -George Herbert

Make a collaborative retirement memory book with thoughts and photos from yourself and others for the perfect gift that will be opened throughout the years. Gather messages from friends, family and coworkers through email and other methods and have them sent to your collection page, then personalize and edit the book to finish. Your boss will get a sentimental gift that they can look at whenever they feel nostalgic, and that they can show off to others. People remember how you make them feel more than anything, and words and photos will make them feel cared for every time they open a memory book.

Tea Infuser for Tea Loving Boss

Being retired, your tea-loving boss will have more time to make better tea with a tea infuser since they’re not rushing to work.

Spa and Champagne Gift Basket

Gift something that says, “you deserve to relax!” In a big, bold way with a spa and champagne gift basket, like this one that comes with eucalyptus scented products from Thymes for baths, and even includes a bamboo plant, and of course a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine.

 Michael Kors Gold Watch

A Michael Kors gold watch is a classy retirement gift that will show you want your boss to retire in style. Even though they don’t have to punch a clock anymore, they’ll still need to have a way to know what time to meet a friend for fishing or shopping, watch grandkids, volunteer or catch that flight to Bermuda!

 Daypack for Traveling

For the boss who’s going to travel in retirement, a day pack is a must, like this daypack that folds into a pouch for easy packing and for all kinds of outdoor weather conditions. Another choice is this leather daypack that can double as a carry-on and looks chic for city travel. Think about your boss’s personal style and gift accordingly!

 Art Painting Set

If you already know your boss is an art lover, or if you have a feeling they’ll have a knack for it, consider this art painting set for a new hobby. Even if they give it up quickly, this can be re-gifted to grandkids. Either way, it’ll give them a new adventure!

Digital Wifi Picture Frame

A digital photo frame with wifi is perfect for updating pictures of friends, grandkids and family, pets and vacations. This one has a touchscreen as well so it’s easy to use. Keep your retiree’s photos easy to show off while being up-to-date!

 Complete Golf Set

For the golf-loving boss, retirement is sure to include many afternoons on the green. Gift them a golf set to send them off in style, and so that you can meet them on the golf course for many work-free, relaxing golf sessions in the future.

Mavic Air Drone

Maybe your boss is already a photographer or video fiend, but even if not, this Mavic Air drone can make for an excellent new hobby that can be done at home or while traveling! It can help them bond with family and friends and be the talk of every social event.

 Rocking Massage Chair

This rocking massage recliner has a full-body massage feature with controllable levels, is self-heating and power reclining, rocks, and includes cup and magazine holders for the ultimate relaxation station.

Noise-canceling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect gift for planes, trains and sometimes even hotel rooms that are in populated city areas. This high-quality pair has 22-40 hours of battery life, perfect for long flights or road trips.

GoPro Camera

For all travel-aspiring retirees, a GoPro is an excellent choice. It can be used anywhere, even underwater, and is small and easy to carry. This one comes with the newest features and high durability. Photos and videos can be automatically uploaded to the cloud for easy sharing.

100 Things to Do Bucket List

Not every retiree knows exactly what they want to do with their new time, but even for those who do, a scratch-off bucket list is an excellent way to add some fun! Each time they accomplish something, they can scratch off the square for a picture. Plus, whenever they need a new idea, there’s plenty on this list!

Everyday Tote Bag

A great all-around, anytime gift is a durable tote bag, and the personalization plus retirement text keeps this one from being boring while making it perfect for the occasion. Your (former) boss can carry belongings fashionably while showing off their new retirement status!

Book Set 

One thing all retirees can appreciate is expert advice on how to retire wisely and how to make their savings and investments work. Make a set of books to help with this, travel books and funny retirement books.

Mini Wood Heart

A mini wood heart with a personalized message alongside “The best is yet to come” will remind your boss that your thoughts are with them. This one comes with an easel to stand it up so it makes a versatile decor piece.

Personalized Thank You Coffee Mug

A custom mug can include a funny or sentimental quote, and even a name or initials. Make sure your boss can wake up and drink coffee from a mug that reminds them that they’re missed, how lucky they are to be retired, or whatever else to add a boost to their day!

Paperwhite Reader

Books are great, but not easy to carry around, not great for low lit places, and not waterproof – all things a Kindle Paperwhite reader is! Whether you boss will be traveling or sitting at home, an e-reader will give them a way to carry their favorite books anywhere. The screen lighting can even be adjusted to warm light, and text can be made bigger or smaller. Plus, they’re made with recycled materials and packaging.

Happy Retirement Wine Glass  

There’s nothing like celebrating retirement and being able to relax in style. For wine lovers, a funny retirement wine glass will let them feel the joy of retirement wash over them each time they sip their favorite wine.

Travel Duffle Bag

A classy, durable personalized duffle bag is an excellent idea for travelers and gym-goers. A high-quality duffle with personalization will definitely be appreciated.

Thank You Cuff

Show your boss your appreciation in words engraved on a stainless steel jewelry cuff bracelet. This one is lead and nickel-free so it works on sensitive skin. It’s great for anyone who wears jewelry and isn’t too picky about what they wear. If you’re unsure about it, ask friends or family of theirs or simply include a gift receipt!

Gift Card for Buying Something Special 

A gift card is always a great gift idea; it says, “I want you to buy something you want or need, on me, because I appreciate you”. Whether it’s a gift card to a place where people can buy almost anything, to something more specific to them like a favorite boutique or restaurant, a gift card goes a long way. Just make sure to include a card with a thoughtful note.

Philosophy Thank You Gift Set 

This hand wash and hand cream set actually says “thank you” on the box, making it perfect for any boss who uses hand cream. Make sure they’re not allergic to any chemicals before gifting, or make sure to include a gift receipt.

Wine Tumbler: Thank you for being Awesome

Show your retiring boss how awesome they are with this stainless steel wine tumbler that literally says it. Each time they go to sip their wine, they’ll feel appreciated. This is perfect for the wine-loving boss, and it can be used at home and on outings, so it may be something they don’t already own.

 ​Gratitude Trinket Dish  

A customizable leather trinket dish is a useful gift that will keep your message on it, so each time your retiree sees it, he or she will be reminded of the difference they made or whatever nice thing you have engraved each time they pick up earrings or keys.

Gardening Tools Bag Set

If your boss is going to be continuing or taking up gardening, an all-in-one gardening tools set is a great idea. This one has ​​rust free tools with ergonomic handles to be easily used by gardeners of any age, and includes a premium storage bag. If they’re more of an indoor person, an indoor herb gardening starter kit could be a great alternative.

National Parks Pass

The US National Parks Pass is good for a whole year, good for a family of up to 4 people, and allows entry to 2,000 federal recreation sites. This will save your boss money on entrance fees, and give ideas for where to travel!

Thank You Gift Basket 

This gift basket with customizable items includes a custom wine tumbler, succulent, and candle in a retirement-themed box. For some reason, getting custom-wrapped boxes and getting to unwrap the box to find more than one item is extra exciting, making this an excellent (and affordable) idea.

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Make sure your boss retires with a way to entertain themselves now that they won’t be spending all their time at work, and that they can hear well even though their hearing may not be as good as it used to be, with a portable waterproof bluetooth speaker. Whether they’re playing music, watching movies, or listening to a podcast in the shower, they’ll appreciate this gift that makes retired life easier.

Food Gift Basket

Gift baskets are always a great idea, especially when they include food like fruit, popcorn, charcuterie, candy and wine. If you’re looking for a perfect retirement gift, this is it – your boss can have some snacks to share as they continue to celebrate. Make sure you take any food allergies or sensitivities into account.

 Leather Hanging Toiletry Bag

Whether they’re going to be jet-setting around the globe or just making the occasional trip to see grandkids, a leather hanging toiletry bag is an elegant retirement gift that your boss will use every time they pack. This one can be personalized and comes gift-boxed. Make sure your boss isn’t vegan before gifting, and consider adding leather conditioner to the gift.

Personalized Grill Set

A personalized grill set will allow your grill-loving boss to grill to their heart’s content! This is an 11-piece bamboo set with a stainless steel spatula that includes a bottle opener, a BBQ fork, brush, knife, tongs, glove, skewers and a case, so your boss will have everything they need to invite you over for dinner!

Out of Business Cards 

Give your boss a funny gift that they can use to make others laugh too with this set of out of business cards. They come in a stainless steel case with the word “retired” engraved on it. This is an extra-fun gift for any retiring boss who loves humor!

Retirement Toilet Paper

Another excellent funny gift idea is retirement (toilet) papers – your boss can actually use this paper, but obviously the main thing is the laugh they’ll get out of it if they have a good sense of humor!

Engraved Whiskey Glass

This engraved personalizable whiskey glass is made with a wide base for swirling to enhance the aroma and a narrow top so the aromas can better reach the nose, which any whiskey lover will appreciate.

Personalized Insulated Bamboo Water Bottle

Personalize an insulated, lightweight water bottle for your boss that they can use to keep drinks hot or cold all day. These are made with 100% organic bamboo exterior and BPA-free, food-grade stainless steel interior and include a leak-proof lid. You can add your retiring boss’s name, initials or a special message so they can associate the bottle with great memories.

Beer Cap Map

If your boss is a beer-lover, make sure they have motivation to travel and drink the best beer with a map-shaped wall decoration that they can collect beer bottle caps on based on region or just for fun, shaped like their state or country of choice, and then have to show off to others and to recognize their achievement – what better way to celebrate retirement?

Travel Hammock

What says “I’m retired” more than a hammock? Eno is one of the best brands out there and can be used for camping or just hanging out and relaxing, enjoying the weather and new opportunities found only in retirement!

Portable Vinyl Player

Most record players are pretty large, so get your boss one they can take with them on the go to dance to or just make sure they can play background music in style with a portable vinyl player like this one. They can record their vinyl using this player to a flash drive, and they can play records from the flash drive on this player as well, so it’s the ultimate for portability whether or not they take all their records along!

Officially Retired T-Shirt

Make sure your boss can properly flaunt their new retirement status with a t-shirt so they can announce it to the world as they travel or go about town, finally not having to dress up for work every day.

Meditation Cushion Set

This high-quality meditation cushion set, made from buckwheat, is good for sitting and will aid your (former) boss in their new, or old, practice of zen.

Retired Beer Can Coolers

For all the festivals, cookouts, beach days, camping and more, neoprene beer can coolers are an excellent way to commemorate the retirement of a beloved boss and know they’ll be fully enjoying their new lifestyle, in style!

 Wine Tool Kit

This wine tool kit is perfect for any wine lover, and for retirees who now have the time to spend fully enjoying their wines.

Cocktail Club Membership

Give your retiring boss a membership to Shaker & Spoon cocktail club, where they get boxes in the mail to make their own cocktails. You can give anywhere from 1 month to a year, so it’s a great option for any budget.[h2] Conclusion
Retirement is an achievement worth celebrating, and when it’s your boss, getting a gift that represents your relationship, your gratitude and more is no easy task. Hopefully, this extensive idea list can give you some ideas that will fit any budget and any boss! Let us know what you chose and how it goes in the comments!


Retirement is an achievement worth celebrating, and when it’s your boss, getting a gift that represents your relationship, your gratitude and more is no easy task. Hopefully, this extensive idea list can give you some ideas that will fit any budget and any boss! Let us know what you chose and how it goes in the comments!

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